Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What I Read This Week

Yeah, these are a day late but new comics are a day late too, so there!

The Web #9 -- Can The Web survive the Global Concerns effort to eliminate him?  And what about the blackmailer?  Then, the Hangman comes face to face with Dead Hand Legendre!  The lead story is a step up over the last couple of issues, which were a little draggy, while this one is peppy.  I especially like the blowoff at the end, which made me smile.  The Hangman piece is pretty good as well, explaining not only how Legendre's power seems to work but the Hangman's as well.  I am disappointed to see this book end next month, but at least...

The Mighty Crusaders Special -- ... we will be getting some Crusaders action afterwards.  The seeds are planted here as the Web crashes a supervillain auction, setting into motion the events which bring the Crusaders together and bring the team to the attention of the Global Concern.  Despite having 4 writers, this plays pretty solidly, with each member of the Red Circle books introduced in their own manner and given a chance to shine.  It's nice to see Inferno's story picked back up (and seeing him and The Shield going all spec-ops on the Big Bad is a fist-pumper) and the setup for the Crusaders story is very intriguing.  Definitely worth the extra couple bucks in every respect!  (Also, I wanted to say that the "Mighty Crusaders" title logo is awesome!)

Superman: War Of the Supermen #4 -- This is it!  The blowoff to several years worth of Superman stories is here, and it's a doozy!  Things play out in about what I figured they would, but there's some surprises along the way.  The ending is a little sappy but I'm becoming something of a sappy romantic in my old age.  I am very much looking forward to sitting down with all four issues and reading them in one sitting, in addition to reading all of New Krypton now that I have obtained the entire story, hahaha.

Futurama Comics #49 -- It's that one where there's a killer ventriloquist dummy!  Well, sort of, anyway.  Goofy fun as usual, this book always brings a smile to my face.

Robocop #4 -- OCP has deployed their newest multi-environment, asymmetrical enforcement droid, the ED-309... and Old Detroit may not survive!  And what is The Old Man's plan for Robocop?  The first arc of the new series comes to an end in appropriate fashion, with the first thread of OCP's plan defeated, but plenty of bad stuff is on the horizon for our hero.  There's some bits with the 309s that are hilarious ("Apparently, it just didn't like the helicopter") and plenty of violence which will satisfy Robofans.  This is a winner.  

Re-Read Pile: Web, Mighty Crusaders, War Of The Supermen.

The Pick Of The Pile is War Of The Supermen, though the Crusaders book is a close second.

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nyrdyv said...

Agree. Wrapping up the War of the Supermen is the highlight for the week to be read.


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