Thursday, June 17, 2010

The 3rd Dimension: "New" Toy Roundup Part 3!

Today we have Part 3 of my ongoing roundup of "new" toys!  Today we are looking at some badguys from the 3 3/4" Iron Man 2 toyline!

Iron Man 2 Crimson Dynamo -- One of the strongest aspects of the Crimson Dynamo is that there have been a whole mess of variations on the armor over the years, allowing for lots of different interpretations when translating it to toy form.  This Dynamo is based on the most well-known version of the armor, wore primarily by Dmitri Bhukharin in 1980s and recently popping up again in Matt Fraction's Invincible Iron Man.  This figure rocks.  I really dig the detailing of the shoulderpads, wrists and ankles, and the head looks dead on.  The red is not too bright and not too dull, and certainly looks like the utilitarian work of the Soviet Union.  The eye-blasty thing is lame, but that is easily left in a bit bin somewhere.

Iron Man 2 Iron Monger -- Now the Iron Monger suit has only really gone through two iterations, the comic suit and the movie version.  This toy is based on the latter, which works for me as I never bought the larger scale Iron Monger from the previous line.  I really like the huge feet that he has, which supports a lot of nice menacing poses and helps him from tipping over (he's pretty top heavy).  The Monger is also suitably larger than the other toys in the line, keeping the proportions close if not perfect.  Despite its size, no articulation is really sacrificed, which is a plus.  Very nice toy all around and always fun to get more Iron Man villians on the shelf!

I really dig both of these guys and this line as a whole.  Later on I will talk about the various Iron Men I have bought from this series, and, hopefully, I will be able to track down and buy my favorite Iron Man baddie of all time -- Titanium Man!

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