Friday, June 11, 2010

The 3rd Dimension: "New" Toy Roundup Part 2!

We're continuing our look at my "new" toys today!

DCU Classics Eclipso -- I picked this one up off of eBay for cheaper with shipping than I could get a DCUC toy in Walmart.  Nevermind the fact that I have never seen an Eclipso in the store!  Based on the original Silver Age Eclipso design, this is a very nice figure.  The colors work very well, including the yellow on the belt and the choice of purple for his trim.  The belt itself is nicely sized, and not just a small deco or something.  I like his elfin ears and toothy grin, giving him a sort of Alex Toth-style look like some of his early adventures.  But my favorite aspect is the Heart of Darkness molded in his left hand, held between his thumb and index finger.  He is articulated enough to hold it up to either eye and not look goofy, and being molded into his hand there is no way to lose this tiny piece!  Definitely a top-notch toy and one of my favorites from this line !


Diabolu Frank said...

I didn't like this one. I picked up the very nice DC Direct figure years back, and especially as it came with a replica black diamond, it remains the one to beat. I'd like a Bart Sears version one of these days, though...

Luke said...

I have seen pictures of that one but never seen it in person, so consider me quite jealous on that front!

A modern (read: 90s) take on Eclipso would be most welcomed. Maybe make it a set with a bunch of eclipsed heroes, like the JLU set (which I also have never seen in person).