Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What Looks Good?

This here?  This what you call domination.  (You have to pardon me as I am listening to Ezekial Jackson's entrance music.)

Batman: King Tut's Tomb TPB -- I got this one in singles, but if you missed this excellent arc in Batman: Confidential, now is your chance to pick it up.  Featuring Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez on art and in the introduction of classic Batman TV baddie King Tut!

Blackest Night #7 -- Oh man, it's on now!

Blackest Night: JSA #3 -- You thought it was bad in Coast City?  It might be worse at the brownstone!

Flash: Rebirth #6 -- It's REALLY on now, baby!

Superman #697 -- I am so tempted.  Mon-el really has my interest now.

The Web #6 -- Matt Sturges comes on board as scribe, and the Red Circle continues to grow.

Iron Man vs Whiplash #4 -- Shellhead!  Whiplash!  And an army of cybernetic Tony Stark Clones!

Robocop #2 -- I got a harrowing visceral experience for ya!"

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What I Read This Week

Blackest Night: The Flash #3 -- In Coast City, Blue Lantern Barry Allen and Flash Wally West do their best to save Bart Allen from the Black Lantern ring.  Meanwhile, in Keystone City, the Rogues fight for survival against their own dead compatriots!  Johns and Kollins on Flash is a no-brainer, but they really do a good job here.  This not only sets the stage for the balance of Blackest Night, it also begins the teasing for Brightest Day (with a scene that is equal parts cool because its a tease and infuriating... because it is a tease), as well as hyping us up for the new Flash ongoing.  A Flash fan cannot go wrong with this miniseries.

Outsiders #27 -- The repercussions of Prince Brion's actions last issue are felt, as the rest of the Outsiders react to being in a country which has just made itself a pariah on Earth!  And then we're going to add the Masters of Disaster to the mix, just to make things interesting.  The interiors are not handled by Don Kramer and not Tan, who does the cover... is he behind already?  Kramer's art is a little staid but nicely done generally.  Didio's scripting continues to be pretty strong, mixing equal parts modern DCU with classic Outsiders and a little dash of New Teen Titans just to spice things up.  The Masters of Disaster are a welcome return, especially since they still have 3 of their original members, and the two newbies acquist themselves nicely.  It's clear that Didio has a plan in mind and so far I am really digging it.

Tiny Titans #25 -- Superboy is back!  But that's nothing compared to the hijinks that ensue when the kids head down to Mr. John's Pawn Shop And Bubblegum Emporium and find 7 magical rings!  Hilarious fun from Artie and Franco with guest writer Geoff Johns.  Features cameos from Stargirl, the Guardians, and most of the Green Lantern Corps... you have not lived until you have seen Tiny Titans Larvox!

The Phantom: Generations #8 -- The Phantom has to travel to Port Royal to track down a pirate whom his father tangled with 10 years earlier.  Zeu's art is very clean and a good fit for this swashbuckling illustrated prose.  I especially like how Bullock has the Phantom talk to the later generations who will read the Chronicles ("As you know" and such), a nice touch.  This series has been a treat and I enjoyed this one as well.

Re-Read Pile: Blackest Night: The Flash, Outsiders, Tiny Titans.

The Pick Of The Pile is BN: The Flash, which really, really made me want to get my hands on the new Flash series, as well as piquing my interest for Brightest Day.  Outsiders was well done, and Tiny Titans was a hoot.  (Larvox!)

So, what did YOU read this week?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hiatus (Hopefully A Quick One)

Hey folks, posting is going to be suspended for a little while because my infant son is sick.  I'll pick back up next week but right now my mind is preoccupied.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What Looks Good?

Between a surprise all-day meeting yesterday (and this morning), a computer virus, and a sick 8.5 month old, it's been a rough week already.  But at least there's always comics to help out.

Blackest Night: the Flash #3 -- Will the Rogues survive?  The living ones, I mean.

Outsiders #27 -- Markovia... asylum for Kryptonians?!

Tiny Titans #25 -- Goeff Johns in the house!

Blackest Night Series 3: Larfleeze -- I WANT IT!  IT MUST BE MINE!

The Phantom: Generations #8 -- Laying it down literary-style!

So, what looks good to YOU?

Monday, February 15, 2010

What I Read This Week

Human Target #1 -- Christopher Chance, the titular Human Target, finds himself in Europe, trying to keep one of the most dangerous men in the world alive!  Based on the now-running TV series (which I also enjoy), Len Wein and Bruno Redondo deliver a fun, fast-paced adventure, while still sticking true to the "source" material.  I would definitely read a monthly about Chance from these two.  There is also a backup by Peter Johnson and Chris Spouse which takes a good gag and makes very good use out of it.  Maybe we can get more than 6 issues, DC?

The Shield #6 -- In Brazil, The Shield and the new Jaguar track down Baron Gestapo's secret base.  Meanwhile, Frank Verrano has come face to face with Arvin Halliday's security force -- the Comet!  The lead feature -- with plenty of Nazi robot smashing from our heroes -- is very strong, as it has been from the start.  Trautmann and Rudy really bring it as they wrap up the mission.  Can we please see more of Jaguar?  The backup doesn't do as well.  I am one of the few who enjoyed the initial Inferno strips, but this second installment has been less interesting.  All the best, then, that it is taking a break so that we can meet The Fox next issue.  Still, a very good comic and a very good series.

Invincible Iron Man #23 -- While The Ghost regroups, Dr. Strange helps guide Tony Stark out of his nightware world.  If you took this issue and combined it with last issue, you would have one well-scriped and paced comic book.  As it stands, this issue, just like the last, feels padded out.  The main stuff with Tony and Stephen in the nightmarescape is actually very compelling, but we just don't get enough of it to get this issue over the hump.  Next issue is the finale of this story, at least, so Fraction should deliver something then.

Ultimate Comics: Armor Wars #4 -- Tony Stark's mission to track down his stolen armor takes a bizarre twist as he discovers the mastermind behind the scenes.  A fairly unsatisfying wrap-up, with lots of talking and exposition only to end with a strange twist that was not foreshadowed in any way.  Kind of a weak ending from Ellis, but overall this was a good miniseries which was worth buying -- and considering my general aversion to the Ultimate Universe that is saying something.  

The Phantom Double Shot: KGB Noir #2 -- In the first half, the Phantom learns more of the KGB's plot to destroy America, while in the second half, Kolchak finds himself tangled up with a Soviet plot gone wrong.  A little more staid than the first issue, due primarily to Kolchak being a more staid character than Death Angel, but still fun.  I am enjoying the black and white production as well as the throwback Commie-smashing storyline.  Good fun.

Re-Read Pile: Human Target, The Shield, Phantom Double Shot.

The Pick Of The Pile is The Shield, on the strength of the lead feature alone.  Human Target was spot-on, as well.  

Friday, February 12, 2010

Weekly Dose Of Weird!

Weird Mystery Tales #19 -- Alright, Mothra!  This time you've gone too far!

I. "Firedance" -- Jon Anderson, a lonely forest ranger, dreams of meeting a beautiful girl... any beautiful girl.  In the meantime he takes his furstration out by burning the large flocks of moths which populate his forest.  On day, he sees the girl of his many dreams swimming in the lake.  He follows her, captivated -- until she reveals herself as the queen of the moths he burned to dust.  After a lightning strike sets the brush ablaze, Jon finds that he now shares their fate.

II. "Flight" -- Blonde (and greedy) secretary Ms. Nash cracks her boss's safe (and head) and steals all of the cash inside.  She makes a break to the airport, despite her paranoid fear of flying.  She finds herself on a plane populated entirely with obnoxious, nasty people, and they seem to be constantly being delayed or rerouted and hit with turbulance.  Going mad with anxiety, Nash bursts into the cabin to see the pilot... who sports fangs and horns, and informs her that they are going to be in the air for a long time!

III. "Death-Calling" -- On Santa Bella Island, young lighthouse keeper Will Addams is haunted by a ghoslty and angelic song coming from the sea.  One night, he spots a fully rigged sailing ship, the Lorelei.  When he tells his relief man about it, he learns that the ship went down against the rocks a century earlier, taking everyone to the bottom with it!  After his week ashore, Will returns to the lighthouse, and finds himself drawn to the voices once more.  Diving into the sea, he finds the wreck of the Lorelei... along with all those aboard it, who welcome him to their watery eternity.

IV. "Witch's Tales" -- Eve, our hostest with the mostest, answers letters.

Overall Weird Factor: 3.5 (out of 5)

Solid mid-70s DC stuff.  The third feature is pretty standard, but the first two are well done.  "Firedance" has an ending which is easily guessed at, but the idea of a man taking such enthusiasm in burning moths makes it worthwhile.  The second feature, "Flight," is the best.  Lee Mars turns in an almost Crumb-like design sense, and the various passengers on the plane look like they stepped out of a Aragones strip in Mad.  It's not often that I have seen the DC books of this perioid step out of the "comfort zone" of art, so this was a very pleasant surprise.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh, It's On Now!

The original ShadowHawk is coming back!  Valentino teased that the "backbreaker would be back" in Image United and it looks like he will be sticking around for a little while afterwards.  It's like I am 12 all over again!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What Looks Good?

"Snowpocalypse?"  Seriously?  You Mid-Atlantic types need to try living in New York.  Bah, I'll still buy my comics, dangit!

Batgirl #7 -- Well Sir, DC has finally found a way to get me to buy a Batgirl comic... cross it over with Red Robin.

Human Target #1 -- I dig this show, and I am always up for a good adaption.

The Shield #6 -- Let the Nazi-smashing begin!

Ultimate Comics: Armor Wars #4 -- Will Tony Stark finally get his hands on The Ghost?!

The Phantom Double Shot: KGB Noir #2 -- The Ghost-Who-Walks isn't in the jungle anymore... he's in Mother Russia!

So, what looks good to YOU?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What I Read This Week, Part II

Finishing up last week's comics so I have room for this week's!

Red Robin #9 -- Welcome back to Gotham City, Tim Drake... hope you survive the experience!  Cliched, but accurate, as Red Robin returns to Gotham to stop Ra's Al Ghul from having his revenge.  A nice issue which, though it is part one of a four parter crossover with Batgirl, does a good job of standing on it's own.  Also a nice touch is Tim's run-in with Killer Moth, who is terrified that that the hero is working with The Atom, a nice callback to Cry For Justice.  I'd rate this issue solid but unspectacular, a nice issue which gets the ball rolling but not as slam-bang as previous ones.  Oh, and Tim and Tam Fox make a cute couple, but what would you call them?!

Red Tornado #6 -- While Red Torpedo tracks down Red Inferno, who has absconded with Reddy's daughter Traya, the Android Atlas himself brings the fight to Red Volcano.  The mini winds itself up in pretty much the expected manner.  It's nothing groundbreaking by any means but it has been a fun series.   I would like to see VanHook and Luis have another shot at Red Tornado and his new "family," and I would just as much like to see more of these type of spotlight style miniseries for other members of the Justice League.  And hey, Zatanna is getting her own ongoing series... maybe Reddy could be a co-feature?  Heh, yeah right.

Warlord #11 -- With his enemy Deimos back from the dead, the Warlord raises his band to go return him to the previous state!  Mike Grell handles the art again this month, and while it generally looks fabulous, there's some rough patches, notably one shot with Morgan lounging in a chair.  Maybe it's time for him to take a few months off again?  In any event this is a strong issue, as we get on track with what I assume is the next big battle in Skartaris.  Worthwhile if you are into the S&S scene but strong nonetheless.

Re-read Pile: Warlord.

The Pick Of The Pile is Warlord, despite some atypically shoddy work from Grell.  Still a strong issue.  Red Robin was good in a sort of quiet way, and Red Tornado wrapped up satisfactorially.

Monday, February 8, 2010

What I Read This Week

Doom Patrol #7 -- On Oolong Island, the aftermath of the Black Lanterns is being cleaned up, while elsewhere the foes of the Doom Patrol are making moves in the shadows.  As for the Metal Men, th-th-that's all folks!  Well, the end of the Metal Men back up is a downer to me.  I enjoyed their goofy hijinks each month.  But I am glad that the Doom Patrol, which always has been the "A" feature of this title to me, is continuing on.  Anyways, this is a quiet issue, sort of a transition to the next storyline.  We do get some action in the form of Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man and an introduction of both Thayer Jost and Crazy Jane, but overall it's a pretty staid issue.  I am digging this new take on the Patrol but it seems like the book might be on it's last legs sales-wise.  Disappointing.

Showcase Presents: Secrets of Sinister House -- Obviously I did not get a chance to sit down and read this guy, but I just wanted to mention that the fact that this exists and that I own it is indeed awesome.

Indomitable Iron Man -- Four mighty features all starring the Golden Avenger in one black and white super issue!  You pretty much had me at that sentence, I think.  Anyways, we do get 3 strips and a text story, all focusing on different times in Shellhead's career.  A fun one-shot, and I am always a sucker for black and white comics, especially in the second feature, written and drawn by Howard Chaykin.

Mighty Avengers #33 -- At Project Pegasus, Hank Pym's Avengers and Norman Osborn's Avengers are both faced with a dilemma: the Absorbing Man wielding the power of a Cosmic Cube!  Slott and Pham are game on this big blowout battle, with plenty of Cosmic Cube gags (for instance, Ms. Marvel at one point laments being "reality punched" and expresses her disdain for how that works).  A good fight issue but nothing overly substantial.  It seems that Slott doesn't care much for USAgent, either.  Not sure how much longer this creative team will be handling this crew but I am enjoying them for now.

Re-read Pile: Doom Patrol, Indomitable Iron Man, Mighty Avengers.

I have plenty other stuff to read, but it's sitting, unread, on my nightstand.  Oh well.

The Pick Of The Pile is Indomitable Iron Man, which combined three things I generally dig: Iron Man, black and white comics, and oversized issues.  Can't go wrong with that!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What Looks Good

The weather outside may be dicey, but that doesn't mean much of anything when it comes to securing what is rightfully yours!

Doom Patrol #7 -- Oolong Island may have survived the Blackest Night, but what about the Doom Patrol?  And will the Metal Men be able to enjoy their Douglas, Robot Hunter DVDs in peace?!

Red Robin #9 -- It's time to get back to Gotham City before Ra's Al Ghul burns it to the ground!

Red Tornado #6 -- Reddy faces the final test from his brother Red Volcano!

Showcase Presents: Secrets of Sinister House -- AKA Sinsiter House of Secret Love.  Oh hell yes I am buying this!

Warlord #11 -- Deimos is back!  And I bet he is not happy about that situation one bit.

Indomitable Iron Man -- I don't remember Shellhead having a black and white magazine in the 70s, but hey!  More Iron Man is always good!

Invincible Iron Man #23 -- Can Doctor Strange bring Tony Stark back to the waking world?

So, what looks good to YOU?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What I Read This Week

The Atom And Hawkman #46 -- The newest member of the Indigo Tribe, Ray Palmer, may not survive the Blackest Night if his old pal Hawkman has anything to say about it!  The Atom's journey from Sword of the Atom through Identity Crisis through today is covered as Geoff Johns delivers a tale which sets the ball rolling to rectify Ray's personal demons and begin the healing process.  Sook and Pasarin split the art duties, and while the split is somewhat noticeable, I dig both of their styles so I am more than okay with.  Would I have liked more Hawkman?  Yes, but this is one heck of an Atom story and hopefully Johns has more in store for both the Titan and the Fury.

Blackest Night: JSA #2 -- As Mr. Terrific tries to figure out a way to shut down the Black Lanterns, outside the brownstone things are getting worse and worse.  And has Damage decided to switch sides?  Strong middle chapter in the tie-in, as the devious nature of the Black Lanterns comes to the forefront.  Plus we get to see some good character bits with Jesse and Johnny Quick, Power Girl and Earth-2 Lois Lane, and Damage, Atom Smasher, and Judomaster.  Very enjoyable comic.

Justice League: Cry For Justice #6 -- The attacker from last issue stands revealed... and there's nothing the entire Justice League can do to stop his master plan!  I was very surprised not to see Cascioli on art considering how much this was delayed.  Scott Clark's art is alright but not as nice as Cascioli's.  Anyways, I liked this issue a lot.  Robinson does a heck of a job putting over Prometheus as the badass he was designed as, and the cliffhanger is great.  This title has a great earnestness which I am really digging.  Definitely champing at the bit for the final issue now!

The Web #5 -- John Raymond is called into action in Detroit when one of his Web Hosts turns up dead.  Then, the Hangman tangles with the Jackal!  The front end introduces the new Black Hood, and is a nice done in one fill-in by Marc Guggenheim.  I'd like to see the Black Hood pop up again.  Also a nice cameo from The Bunker from Justice League Detroit fame.  The backup is a little confusing in the details, but I am hoping the next installment will clarify things.  Solid book all told, with a new scribe (Matt Sturges) coming on for the Web next issue.

Invincible Iron Man #23 -- Tony's big master plan from last issue... doesn't work.  So now Steve Rogers brings in a "second opinion" in the form of the former Sorcerer Supreme, Stephen Strange.  Meanwhile, The Ghost makes his move!  Not much happens this time out, but hey, it's a cool guest spot from Doctor Strange (who seems to have all of his powers still, oddly).  Fraction has a problem with these filler issues, but that's a norm at Marvel these days it seems.

Iron Man vs Whiplash #3 -- Tony manages to escape from Whiplash's attack in the prison, but his problems are just starting!  This miniseries has been a breath of fresh air break from the main Fraction book.  I am getting a sort of Armor Wars II vibe from the shadowy bad guys, but the in-your-face action between Shellhead and the new Whiplash is top-notch.  Great fun.

Futurama Comics #47 -- After the Professor's land-based space ship fails to make an impression at the Berlin Air Show, he contemplates killing himself by turning Bender into a Doomsday Device.  Lesser issue, but still some good gags.

Robocop #1 -- In the near future, the Global Mega Recession has driven the worldwide economy into the ground, but Omni Consumer Products has a plan to revive Old Detroit -- a plan which involves Officer Murphy, AKA Robocop.  Ignoring Robocop 2, Robocop 3, the different TV shows and comics, this series picks up after the first film, and is a logical extension from that point.  If you are a fan of the property, like me, you are probably going to buy this no matter what I say.  I don't know if non-fans will be won over by this, but it's a strong first effort.

Re-Read Pile: The Atom And Hawkman, Cry For Justice, Invincible Iron Man, Iron Man vs Whiplash, Robocop.

The Pick Of The Pile is The Atom And Hawkman, which was a great reading experience, but Robocop made a good first impression, vs Whiplash has been fun, and Cry For Justice really made me want to read the finale.

So what did YOU read this week?