Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What I Read This Week

Blackest Night: The Flash #3 -- In Coast City, Blue Lantern Barry Allen and Flash Wally West do their best to save Bart Allen from the Black Lantern ring.  Meanwhile, in Keystone City, the Rogues fight for survival against their own dead compatriots!  Johns and Kollins on Flash is a no-brainer, but they really do a good job here.  This not only sets the stage for the balance of Blackest Night, it also begins the teasing for Brightest Day (with a scene that is equal parts cool because its a tease and infuriating... because it is a tease), as well as hyping us up for the new Flash ongoing.  A Flash fan cannot go wrong with this miniseries.

Outsiders #27 -- The repercussions of Prince Brion's actions last issue are felt, as the rest of the Outsiders react to being in a country which has just made itself a pariah on Earth!  And then we're going to add the Masters of Disaster to the mix, just to make things interesting.  The interiors are not handled by Don Kramer and not Tan, who does the cover... is he behind already?  Kramer's art is a little staid but nicely done generally.  Didio's scripting continues to be pretty strong, mixing equal parts modern DCU with classic Outsiders and a little dash of New Teen Titans just to spice things up.  The Masters of Disaster are a welcome return, especially since they still have 3 of their original members, and the two newbies acquist themselves nicely.  It's clear that Didio has a plan in mind and so far I am really digging it.

Tiny Titans #25 -- Superboy is back!  But that's nothing compared to the hijinks that ensue when the kids head down to Mr. John's Pawn Shop And Bubblegum Emporium and find 7 magical rings!  Hilarious fun from Artie and Franco with guest writer Geoff Johns.  Features cameos from Stargirl, the Guardians, and most of the Green Lantern Corps... you have not lived until you have seen Tiny Titans Larvox!

The Phantom: Generations #8 -- The Phantom has to travel to Port Royal to track down a pirate whom his father tangled with 10 years earlier.  Zeu's art is very clean and a good fit for this swashbuckling illustrated prose.  I especially like how Bullock has the Phantom talk to the later generations who will read the Chronicles ("As you know" and such), a nice touch.  This series has been a treat and I enjoyed this one as well.

Re-Read Pile: Blackest Night: The Flash, Outsiders, Tiny Titans.

The Pick Of The Pile is BN: The Flash, which really, really made me want to get my hands on the new Flash series, as well as piquing my interest for Brightest Day.  Outsiders was well done, and Tiny Titans was a hoot.  (Larvox!)

So, what did YOU read this week?

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