Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What Looks Good?

Between a surprise all-day meeting yesterday (and this morning), a computer virus, and a sick 8.5 month old, it's been a rough week already.  But at least there's always comics to help out.

Blackest Night: the Flash #3 -- Will the Rogues survive?  The living ones, I mean.

Outsiders #27 -- Markovia... asylum for Kryptonians?!

Tiny Titans #25 -- Goeff Johns in the house!

Blackest Night Series 3: Larfleeze -- I WANT IT!  IT MUST BE MINE!

The Phantom: Generations #8 -- Laying it down literary-style!

So, what looks good to YOU?


Doug said...

Green Lantern, GLC look good as Blackest Night #6.7 and 6.75.
I'm also looking for ward to JLA #42, and hoping against disappointment for that one.
Igle's art in the preview for Supergirl #50 looks awesome.
Power Girl has been one of my favorites lately and Conner drawing Satana and her pack just sounds like spectacular fun.

Luke said...

I have not been getting the Green Lantern or GLC issues in the interest of probably getting them as a collection. The Atom & Hawkman one-shot also did a good job of being Blackest Night 6.675, by the way.

Have you been reading Robinson's Justice League? I am very, very tempted to pick it up. Same goes for the main Superbooks. Dunno, just in a Supermood lately I guess!

How has Supergirl been? I read the Annual (#2 I guess?) from late last year and it was surprisingly enjoyable for a lapsed Superman reader like me.