Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What I Read This Week, Part II

Finishing up last week's comics so I have room for this week's!

Red Robin #9 -- Welcome back to Gotham City, Tim Drake... hope you survive the experience!  Cliched, but accurate, as Red Robin returns to Gotham to stop Ra's Al Ghul from having his revenge.  A nice issue which, though it is part one of a four parter crossover with Batgirl, does a good job of standing on it's own.  Also a nice touch is Tim's run-in with Killer Moth, who is terrified that that the hero is working with The Atom, a nice callback to Cry For Justice.  I'd rate this issue solid but unspectacular, a nice issue which gets the ball rolling but not as slam-bang as previous ones.  Oh, and Tim and Tam Fox make a cute couple, but what would you call them?!

Red Tornado #6 -- While Red Torpedo tracks down Red Inferno, who has absconded with Reddy's daughter Traya, the Android Atlas himself brings the fight to Red Volcano.  The mini winds itself up in pretty much the expected manner.  It's nothing groundbreaking by any means but it has been a fun series.   I would like to see VanHook and Luis have another shot at Red Tornado and his new "family," and I would just as much like to see more of these type of spotlight style miniseries for other members of the Justice League.  And hey, Zatanna is getting her own ongoing series... maybe Reddy could be a co-feature?  Heh, yeah right.

Warlord #11 -- With his enemy Deimos back from the dead, the Warlord raises his band to go return him to the previous state!  Mike Grell handles the art again this month, and while it generally looks fabulous, there's some rough patches, notably one shot with Morgan lounging in a chair.  Maybe it's time for him to take a few months off again?  In any event this is a strong issue, as we get on track with what I assume is the next big battle in Skartaris.  Worthwhile if you are into the S&S scene but strong nonetheless.

Re-read Pile: Warlord.

The Pick Of The Pile is Warlord, despite some atypically shoddy work from Grell.  Still a strong issue.  Red Robin was good in a sort of quiet way, and Red Tornado wrapped up satisfactorially.


Diabolu Frank said...

Hates the Usurper! Hates its stupid family, too!

Luke said...

Are Red Tornado and Martian Manhunter the new Green Lantern and Batman? ;)

Can't all of the non-human powerhouses just get along?