Monday, February 15, 2010

What I Read This Week

Human Target #1 -- Christopher Chance, the titular Human Target, finds himself in Europe, trying to keep one of the most dangerous men in the world alive!  Based on the now-running TV series (which I also enjoy), Len Wein and Bruno Redondo deliver a fun, fast-paced adventure, while still sticking true to the "source" material.  I would definitely read a monthly about Chance from these two.  There is also a backup by Peter Johnson and Chris Spouse which takes a good gag and makes very good use out of it.  Maybe we can get more than 6 issues, DC?

The Shield #6 -- In Brazil, The Shield and the new Jaguar track down Baron Gestapo's secret base.  Meanwhile, Frank Verrano has come face to face with Arvin Halliday's security force -- the Comet!  The lead feature -- with plenty of Nazi robot smashing from our heroes -- is very strong, as it has been from the start.  Trautmann and Rudy really bring it as they wrap up the mission.  Can we please see more of Jaguar?  The backup doesn't do as well.  I am one of the few who enjoyed the initial Inferno strips, but this second installment has been less interesting.  All the best, then, that it is taking a break so that we can meet The Fox next issue.  Still, a very good comic and a very good series.

Invincible Iron Man #23 -- While The Ghost regroups, Dr. Strange helps guide Tony Stark out of his nightware world.  If you took this issue and combined it with last issue, you would have one well-scriped and paced comic book.  As it stands, this issue, just like the last, feels padded out.  The main stuff with Tony and Stephen in the nightmarescape is actually very compelling, but we just don't get enough of it to get this issue over the hump.  Next issue is the finale of this story, at least, so Fraction should deliver something then.

Ultimate Comics: Armor Wars #4 -- Tony Stark's mission to track down his stolen armor takes a bizarre twist as he discovers the mastermind behind the scenes.  A fairly unsatisfying wrap-up, with lots of talking and exposition only to end with a strange twist that was not foreshadowed in any way.  Kind of a weak ending from Ellis, but overall this was a good miniseries which was worth buying -- and considering my general aversion to the Ultimate Universe that is saying something.  

The Phantom Double Shot: KGB Noir #2 -- In the first half, the Phantom learns more of the KGB's plot to destroy America, while in the second half, Kolchak finds himself tangled up with a Soviet plot gone wrong.  A little more staid than the first issue, due primarily to Kolchak being a more staid character than Death Angel, but still fun.  I am enjoying the black and white production as well as the throwback Commie-smashing storyline.  Good fun.

Re-Read Pile: Human Target, The Shield, Phantom Double Shot.

The Pick Of The Pile is The Shield, on the strength of the lead feature alone.  Human Target was spot-on, as well.  

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