Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What Looks Good?

This here?  This what you call domination.  (You have to pardon me as I am listening to Ezekial Jackson's entrance music.)

Batman: King Tut's Tomb TPB -- I got this one in singles, but if you missed this excellent arc in Batman: Confidential, now is your chance to pick it up.  Featuring Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez on art and in the introduction of classic Batman TV baddie King Tut!

Blackest Night #7 -- Oh man, it's on now!

Blackest Night: JSA #3 -- You thought it was bad in Coast City?  It might be worse at the brownstone!

Flash: Rebirth #6 -- It's REALLY on now, baby!

Superman #697 -- I am so tempted.  Mon-el really has my interest now.

The Web #6 -- Matt Sturges comes on board as scribe, and the Red Circle continues to grow.

Iron Man vs Whiplash #4 -- Shellhead!  Whiplash!  And an army of cybernetic Tony Stark Clones!

Robocop #2 -- I got a harrowing visceral experience for ya!"

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