Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NFL Cleatus Action Figures?!

For that NFL fan who is also a toy collector!  You can Preorder these guys at Big Bad Toy Store, and they have all 32 NFL teams available, plus the standard Fox Sports one.

I'm tempted to get a Giants one for my brother, but I think my wife may balk at me picking up this Panthers one for our house.

What Looks Good?

Apparently, the weather has decided to get very cold here in South Carolina, but that's alright because we have plenty of comics to help keep us warm.

Spaceman #2 -- This dark and creepy sci-fi from the 100 Bullets crew is perfect Vertigo material.

Tiny Titans #46 -- The littlest team of superheroes, having adventures!  You know you like it!

Charmed #16 -- What is Cole's game?  And will the Charmed Ones find out?

Futurama Comics #58 -- I really need to watch the latest season!  Till then, I will read the comics!

Kind of an oddball week, huh?

So, what looks good to YOU?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Who's the Purple Lady?

Looks like not even the unofficial Earth-53 -- home of the diminutive Tiny Titans! -- is safe!

Find out more here and here, thanks to the DC Source blog!

Monday, November 28, 2011

DiDio and Giffen Talk OMAC!

Check out this interview on Newsarama with Dan DiDio and Kieth Giffen about the superlative (in quality if not in sales) New 52 title OMAC:

DiDio: What we want to do is have every story set and grounded in a very familiar situation. So if you follow the series, you'll see that we're in an office building in the start, or we're at an ATM machine, or we go into a diner -- places that people can relate to. But then, once the action ensues, everything starts to escalate until you wind up in this really surreal situation that only could be told in comic books.

Giffen: Exactly. What we're really trying to do is embrace the strengths of comic books... We are unapologetically a comic book. That's all there is to it.


Unbridled Capitalism: Black Friday (ugh)

I don't like Black Friday.  I dislike shopping in general for anything which is not comics or toys, so the entire concept of Black Friday is irritating to me.  Still, my wife and I went out at about 9:00 in the morning on Friday to buy gifts and such for various relations.  I didn't do much shopping, only buying a pair of Rockports for work, along with...

Classic GI Joe v.8-v.10 -- Mister K's did a little bit of a Black Friday sale themselves, with 30% off all books before noon.  I managed to snag these three collections right before the deadline.  Anyway, I have now purchased volumes 2-6 and then these three from the shop, which means that someone bought only volume 7.  Why would you only buy volume 7 of a series of books when 8-10 was available as well?  Of course, I say this knowing that now I will be hunting for volume 7 in much the same way.  I also need to fill in the later volumes, but that's alright, because more GI Joe is always a good thing!

Did anyone out there get any other good nerd deals on Black Friday?  (Paint the devil on the wall!)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Men Of War #6 Is Absolutely Bananas

Say what you want about Men Of War, but the covers by Victor Kalvachev have been insane!  I cannot state how much I want to see this cover as a poster.  Sweet Christmas!

Men Of War #6 is due on February 1, 2012.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What Looks Good?

One of the real problems in getting comics mail order is that these weekly pull list posts just make me long for the comics that much more.

DC Universe Presents #3 -- Deadman finds himself no closer to the answers he seeks.  What is the connection between the people he is possessing?

My Greatest Adventure #2 -- Three of DC's least likely heroes all in one book?  Sign me up.

Wonder Woman #3 -- Diana has her hands full, and with the arrival of Strife, things just got worse!

GI Joe: A Real American Hero #172 -- This book has been so good, it is almost making me regret selling my Darklon toy.  Almost...

Godzilla: Legends #1 -- So, will this lean towards Kingdom of Monsters or Gangsters and Goliaths?  Let's hope the latter.

Fear Itself #7.3 -- Have not been reading this series, but supposedly this issue wraps up the seemingly never-ending Iron Man in Asgard story which Fraction has been subjecting us to.  Probably not even bother.

So, what looks good to YOU?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kirby Related News #2

The second arc of DC Universe Presents will feature the Challengers of the Unknown, by co-writers Dan DiDio and Jerry Ordway, with Jerry also handling the art!

Kirby Related News #1

Dan DiDio tells you Three Things You Didn't Know About OMAC.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What Looks Good?

We're riding the holiday train now, with Turkey rapidly approaching and only six weeks until Christmas!  Yikes!  Time to do some shopping!

Kull: The Cat & The Skull #2 -- These Kull comics do not get as much attention as their Conan cohorts, but so far they are doing the king of Valusia proud.

Essential Sgt Fury and The Howling Commandos v.1 -- I have so many DC War phonebooks I figured it was time to let Marvel in on the action.

Godzilla: Gangsters and Goliaths TP -- Forget about the middling Kingdom of Monsters series, pick up this trade if you want to see some high quality Godzilla comics.

Return Of The Monsters: Black Bat vs Dracula, Domino Lady vs The Mummy, The Spider vs the Werewolf -- Moonstone is crossing over their pulp heroes with some classic monsters for these series of one-shots which probably should have been in stores two weeks ago.  But what can you do other than enjoy these grey-scale pulpfests?

This certainly is an oddball week, huh?

So, what looks good to YOU?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What Looks Good?

Halloween is over which means we're now hurtling head-long towards Turkey Day!  And nothing gets us in the mood for Autumn more than comics!  And apple cider.  Comics and apple cider.

Hawk And Dove #3 -- As more avatars appear, are our heroes in over their heads?

Men of War #3 -- The battlefield is terrifying enough.  Now add super-powered freaks.

OMAC #3 -- More Kirby inspired craziness!

Classic GI Joe v.13 -- I recently have acquired volumes 2-5 of the original Marvel series of these trades, so eventually I will get to this one as well.  I think by this point there were a bunch of subteams like DEF and Eco-Warriors, and ninjas.  Lots of ninjas.

So, what looks good to YOU?