Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What I Read This Week (Late)

Yes, this is a day late and yes its not even close to the book I listed in last week's What Looks Good, but work and home have both been hectic the last few days.  It's such a cliche to be "burned out" these days so I am not even going to go there.  By the way, Brightest Day #3 was not shipped my LCS this past week, hence the lack of a review.  But going on a good review from the boys at the Alternate Reality Podcast (which, sadly, is ending at episode 300), I decided to pick up this title instead.

Zatanna #1 -- Zatanna leads a full life... when she is not on stage doing her act, she's busy helping the police investigate what looks like a magical mob hit.  I have never read much of Zatanna other than the occassional team book, but as a first issue this was a very strong debut.  Paul Dini really has a good voice for her, and he does a good job of weaving the setup of the series (that Zee is an ambassador to the world of magic) very nicely in the internal monologue.  Also strong is the art by Stephane Roux, a French artist known more for his covers than his sequential art, but who looks terrific here.  He makes Zee strong and sexy without it being pandering, a tough balancing act.  All told this was a very good comic and has me interested enough in checking out a few more issues.

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