Thursday, June 10, 2010

The 3rd Dimension: "New" Toy Roundup Part 1!

This is the first of several posts I want to make featuring some of the latest toys I have acquired!  I had some time this past weekend to finally open up some of the many toys I have had sitting in packages for a few... months... and check them out.  So let's get to it!

Marvel Legends Falcon -- My brother got me this fig for Christmas.  Considering my enthusiasm for Hawkman, and the fact that I dug the Secret Wars Falcon back in the day, I thought this was a pretty neat gift.  In execution there are some drawbacks.  Firstly, Redwing does not stay pegged in place at all.  His peg is too small for the hole, end of story.  And unfortunately, the way he is molded, he can't stand on Snap's wrist or anything.  I also do not like the way Falcon's shoulders look, with a big gap between his back and arm, like both of his shoulders are seperated.  I think it was designed this way for range of motion -- I have him in a sweet "wings up" pose -- but it can look weird.  Beyond that, though, I like this representation a lot.  The colors look great and wings are a nice take on the comic version.  I am thinking of sneaking him in with my Hawkman toys.

Blackest Night Larfleeze -- My brother was nice enough to order this one for me from Diamond, which is good because I have never seen it in stores!  As far as a representation of Agent Orange, I don't think you could get more accurate than this toy.  The long limbs and hoggish face are very nicely done.  He can sorta-kinda clutch his Orange Lantern to his chest -- it's not perfect but it works (though be careful as the handle on the Lantern is very flimsy).  And having little Glomulus in there is a bopnus, like Mamutt coming with Mumm-Ra, if you catch my meaning.  My main complaint is that he really leans forward on his stand, a common problem amongst my DC Direct toys, though he can stand on a shelf alright.

More to come!

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