Thursday, June 24, 2010

The 3rd Dimension: "New" Toy Roundup Part 4!

This is the 4th installment of my roundup of "new" toys which I have been working through here on the Bunker.  Today we're looking at someone who should have been in the last post, the Mandarin from Iron Man: Armored Adventures!

IM:AA Mandarin -- Based on the heavily armored version from the cartoon, the Mandarin does not resemble any version of the Mandarin I remember from the comics.  But that's alright, because this is a nice take our favorite Asian conqueror.  The colors are pretty muted, a contrast to his normally bright robes, but the gunmetal color works well thanks to gold and silver highlights.  The twin swords are oversized, which is a disappointment, but for toy accessories they are not bad.  The action feature (a twist and release waist) doesn't interfere with posability too much -- at least, not as much as balancing the figure with the two swords in his hands.  All in all this is a solid little toy, on display with my other 3 3/4" Iron Man badguys.  Although I have to wonder, why does a Chinese supervillian wear Japanese samurai style armor?  Ahhh, nitpicks.

Pretty sweet, all told!

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