Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Unbridled Capitalism: Heroes & Dragons

This past Saturday, my wife, son and I went down to Columbia to visit the Riverbanks Zoo and then head over to Adama's new place for a housewarming party.  But we started the day right with a trip to Heroes & Dragons, one of the largest comic shops in the state!

Hawkman -- The Hawkman stores were well stocked, and so I partook of them righteously.  From Hawkworld, I picked up #11-13, 24, 27-28, and 31-32, leaving me three issues and an Annual from having the entire run.  For Volume 3, I didn't get any actual issues entitled "Hawkman," but I did pick up the three issues of Guy Gardner: Warrior which crossed over with the title (along with JLA), issues #32-34.  And from the last volume, when the title had changed to Hawkgirl, I added #46, 49, 56, and 61, along with the Secret Files and Origins special.

Other Stuff -- Only three miscellaneous comics this time out, all taken from a fifty-cent bin.  Up first is Weird War Tales #87, since I always dig some Weird War Tales.  Next was one which will make Diabolu Frank proud, Justice League of America #178, featuring the Martian Manhunter and Despero playing chess with the members of the Justice League.  And finally, a more recent comic, Battle For The Cowl: Man-Bat, because Man-Bat rocks.

All in all not a bad haul!  But this trip does further demonstrate that the last few remaining issues of Iron Man I need are going to be tougher to get, and I may have to break down and order them online (which I am loathe to do if I can get them in person instead).  Still, I cannot complain about this load of Hawkman comics!


Diabolu Frank said...

I never finished my write-up for #178, leaving everyone hanging on the lead-in synopsis to #177. You got the good part!

Luke said...

For fifty cents no less!