Friday, May 28, 2010

Weird War Tales Returns!

Straight from The Source, Weird War Tales is returning for a one-shot this Sepetember, along with several other classic DC War titles.  Check out this cover by Darwyn Cooke!

How cool is this?!


Doug said...

It IS pretty cool, but it is also extremely Blackhawk deficient. . . just sayin'.

Luke said...

Did the Blackhawks start in their own title or were they in one of the anthology books? The cover to GI Combat shows the Haunted Tank, for instance.

nyrdyv said...

I think with the U.S. being in a continuous war for almost a decade now, it is probably about time for wartime comics to again have a large enough audience.


Steven G. Willis

Luke said...

War comics have gotten a bad rep in the modern era which they do not deserve. Most of them, especially DC's output, were very much of the "war is hell" school while they are very often accused of being simplistic, adventurous, and jingoistic. That's because the majority of the guys who worked on those books were veterans. I'd really like to see an ongoing Sgt Rock or Losers feature, especially with the sort of material which would be allowed nowadays. You could really illustrate the horrors of war and tell stories that deserve to be told.