Monday, May 3, 2010

What I Read This Week

Outsiders #29 -- We take a break from the main story to catch up with the Outsiders resident vampire supermodel, Looker!  When a vampire hunter comes calling, Looker has her hands full, especially when her assailant continually ruins her outfits.  This is the sort of issue where, in the old days, the rest of the cast would pop up on the first page and complain that they were not in the issue, but that probably would not fit in with the crew now, would it?  (To be fair, Katana and Owlman make a small apperance herein.)  DiDio is still on stride here, setting up a possible future storyline while bringing Looker into the main storyline.  Don Kramer's art is straightforward but suits the characters appropriately.  Good issue.

The Web #8 -- The Web is finding himself embroiled in a mystery involving a giant insurance company, the murderous Stunner, and the shadowy "Global Concern."  And now they know his identity!  Plus, who is the second Hangman murdering people in plain daylight?  The lead story is fun, with Web using his secret identity and a game of racquetball (!) to gather intel.  Matt Sturges is game but its hard to get worked up for a series which is a lame duck.  Same goes for the Hangman backup, which is pretty neat.

Iron Man 2: Public Identity #1 -- After Tony Stark utters the words "I am Iron Man," the world has changed... and gotten substantially more dangerous.  The official "in-between-quel" bridging the gap between Iron Man and Iron Man 2 does a good job of setting itself in and expanding the movie universe.  Joe Casey nails the voices of the characters, including a slightly goofy Tony right in line with Robert Downey's performance.  There's also a great tie-in with The Incredible Hulk which is very much welcomed.  Excellent book which I cannot wait to read the rest of.

Invincible Iron Man #25, Mighty Avengers #36 -- Waiting on these from Marvel!

Justice League: The Rise Of Arsenal #2 -- Forgot to pick it up!  Can you believe it?!

Re-Read Pile: Outsiders, Iron Man 2: Public Identity.

The Pick Of The Pile is Iron Man 2: PI, which has gotten me even more jazzed about seeing the new movie, something I didn't think was physically possible.

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