Monday, May 10, 2010

What I Read This Week

Brightest Day #1 -- The resurrected heroes are beginning to re-adjust to their lives amongst the living, with some working out better than others.  What is wrong with Aquaman's powers?  Why can't Ronnie and Jason seperate out of the Firestorm matrix?  Who is after the remains of Prince Khufu and Princess Chay-era?  All these questions and more are addressed in the first proper issue of the maxi-series, and if this is what we can expect from Brightest Day it's going to be one heck of a ride.  

Doom Patrol #10 -- Reeling after the arrival of Danny the, uh, Bungalow, the team seems hardly prepared for the arrival of the Porcelain Assassin!  Interesting little issue, with a great villain and some behind the scenes manipulation, but I have to ask: what the heck happened to Ambush Bug?  I am still enjoying this series but Giffen has come down off the highs of the launch, methinks.

Red Robin #12 -- It's Tim Drake vs Ra's al Ghul in Gotham City!  That pretty much sums it up, doesn't it?  Yost and To turn in a very strong wrap-up to the arc as well as the first year of the title, and with a change coming in the creative team and direction of the book, it's very appreciated to see the story wrapped up so nicely.  Still deciding on whether to stick on the title or let it lapse, but this issue was very good.

Superman: War Of The Supermen #1 -- While Zod's forces are on their way to Earth, General Lane strikes back using his agent Reactron in a way no one could have predicted!  I really liked the #0 issue from FCBD and this one built on that very strongly, delivering a surprising turn of events which further fuels the agression on both sides.  I have been on a Superman kick lately and this is not helping matters by being so well done.  I am really jazzed that this is a weekly series which means I only have to wait a few days to get the next installment!

The Warlord #14 -- The new Warlord and his adventuring party are staring down the eye of a beast which can vaporize anything it looks at!  It's disappointing that this series is ending, because Grell is establishing Joshua as the Warlord very deftly in these pages, including giving him a new set of weapons and defining his look.  The teaser says "everything changes" but how much change can you pull out with so few issues remaining?

ShadowHawk #1 -- Paul Johnstone, the violent, backbreaking vigilante known as ShadowHawk, has returned to life and continues to bring justice to the streets of New York.  But has New York moved beyond his justice?  This debut is hampered by the delays in Image United (what the heck happened to Eddie to bring Paul back?) but taken on it's own merits it's enjoyable.  Wickline and Rodriguez are game, and while their feature has a few stiff portions in it, it's nicely put together.  The backup, by Steve Niles with art by Valentino is a nice addition, although Valentino is using a lighter style than he did on the original run of the character.

Invincible Iron Man #25 -- With his mind rebooted (with old data), Tony Stark is set to reconquer the world -- but this time he's going to do it differently.  Meanwhile, Justine Hammer has plans of her own, and you can bet they aren't good for Tony.  Fraction is finally out of the woods on World's Most Wanted and Stark: Disassembled, but that doesn't mean that we're done with the Stark bashing.  Fraction really doesn't like Tony Stark and will not rest until he has been completed gutted.  The fact that Fraction is not a fan of the character is only amplified when Tony has to talk to Reed Richards (and get bashed) and Thor (and get bashed).  Furthermore, Fraction's "new direction" is not all that new considering that similar paths have been taken before, dating back to the early 70s.  The more I look at La Rocca's art the less I like it -- the fact that Tony looks like a giant goober all the time being a main turn-off.  The new armor is nice, though.  I like the subplots and the main story has some promise, but Fraction needs to get over himself.

Iron Man 2: Public Identity #2 -- Justin Hammer's new mobile combat vehicle is launched, forcing Tony Stark to take matters in his own hands.  My main complaint about this series is that they couldn't get all three parts before Iron Man 2 debuted, because if you are a fan of the movie(s) like I am, then this series is right up your alley.

glamourpuss #13 -- I did not get a chance to read this yet, unfortunately.

Re-Read Pile: Brightest Day, WotS, ShadowHawk, IM2: Public Identity, Invincible Iron Man.

The Pick of the Pile is Brightest Day, although War of the Supermen and IM2 were both really, really good as well!

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nyrdyv said...

It is too bad the Iron Man 2 movie wasn't better. Expectation were so high for it and it definitely did not live up to them. Though, Whiplash, as a character and the acting performance, stole the show.


Steven G. Willis