Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What Looks Good?

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As you can see, there's entirely too much neat-looking stuff coming out this week.

Batman #666 -- Not usually a Morrison fan, but this concept sounds really fun.

JSA Classified #28 -- Maybe I am the only one asking, but where the heck are Jakeem and Thunderbolt, anyway?

Matian Manhunter: The Others Among Us TPB -- Not picking this up, I'm going to hook up my friend Adama and get his singles instead. Woo, Martian Manhunter!

Showcase Presents: Martian Manhunter v.1 -- DC continues to impress with it's varying and wide array of Showcase volumes. Woo, Martian Manhunter!

Supergirl and the Legion of Super Heroes #32 -- Bedard had a good setup last issue, so I have high hopes for this installment of the "Search for Cosmic Boy."

Superman #665 -- Gotta look at this one, the solicit says its a "Countdown dossier," whatever that means.

Wonder Woman #11 -- At this point, I want to see how Amazons Attack! ends so I can know the setup for when Gail Simone comes on board.

Annihilation Conquest: Star Lord #1 -- Two words: Rocket Racoon!

Heroes for Hire #12 -- Ahh, Heroes For Hire... keeps me entertained and saves me money by recapping big events like Civil War and World War Hulk. Pure Bronze Age goodness. (Also: Moon Boy.)

Iron Man #20 -- Previously, a poorly conceived and executed crossover took over the title... again. This at least has an interesting setup, and this book has been generally good since the relaunch.

Marvel Adventures: Iron Man #3 -- For those of you who don't get enough Iron in your diet, try this easy-to-digest format.

X-Men: First Class v.2:no.2 -- The original X-Men get no love as a general rule, so this series is a total blast.

Futurama Comics #32 -- Soon, I'll be able to have my Futurama fix on television again, but there is something partly quaint and partly awesome about these comics.

Star Trek: Year Four #1 -- The Space Between ran hot and cold, but I will give this TOS first issue a try.

So what looks good to YOU?


Rick L. Phillips said...

I wanted to give you the sad news myself that Black Lightning Limited will be no more. I hope you got that logo already as I will take the site down sometime next week. The reson behind it is personal but if you do find out I hope we will still be friends. Good luck with your bolg and for the time being you can still read what I have to say at my other blog On My Mind which you will find at
Thanks for your friendship and support.

Luke said...

I'm very sorry to hear that, Rick. You seem like a really nice, down to Earth guy, and we share a good number of interests. I hope whatever it is turns out for the best.

Keep your chin up, my man, you'll be in my thoughts & prayers.

Rick L. Phillips said...

Thanks Luke
On my other site I plan on making you an honoaray member of S.O.M.E. If you don't want me to let me know and I will not do it or I will take you off if I already have. You will always be welcome there as you and your site will be On My Mind.