Monday, July 23, 2007


I hate to do this.

I mean, I really hate to do this.

I started ths blog because of the universal chant of "If you don't agree with what someone blogs about, make your own!" And you have no idea how much I enjoy updating this blog and having an outlet for my hare-brained and cockamamie thoughts on comic books.

But, alas. Not only has my work picked up considerably, but now my access to the site from work has been restricted. My normal procedure was to write my updates in a Text file during breaks, then upload here. So obviously that's not possible now. I'm going to try to work out a new procedure and get back to updating. But for a little while, updates will be sporadic. And for this I apologize.

But the Bunker will return. This I vow. Thanks for listening, folks.

PS: Rick, thanks for the new banner. Rest assured I will use it in the future in some capacity!


Rick L. Phillips said...

I know how things are. Sometimes more important things come up that you have to do now. You are welcome for the header. You may have to crop it a bit to fit.

Anonymous said...