Friday, July 13, 2007

Legendary Comic Book Heroes

I was reading New Excalibur last night when I came across a two-page spread for the upcoming Legendary Comic Book Heroes line from Marvel Toys (formerly Toy Biz). Color me impressed!

I don't keep up on toy news very much anymore, so these were new to me. There's some weird choices in there, but you know what I am jonesing for: Judge Dredd!
Even more insane is the fact that JUDGE DEATH is there as well!
Death's Back!
I'm very psyched about those two toys. Judge Dredd is a personal favorite of mine, even if 2000 AD is hit or miss from the "finding it to purchase" aspect in the US. Hopefully there will be a third wave featuring Shadowhawk!


Harlan Rosen said...

Whoa that Dredd looks awesome.

Anonymous said...

ShadowHawk is in Indie Spotlight series1.