Thursday, July 5, 2007

What Looks Good?

Thanks to the holiday on Wednesday, this is a special Thursday edition of what looks good. So check out the Shipping List from Diamond and head down to your Local Comic Book Shop and get some new reading material!

What looks good to me this week?

All New Atom #13 -- When this title fires on all cylinders, it's one of the most enjoyable DCs out there. Hopefully this "Countdown" tie-in won't change that.

All-Star Superman #8 -- I'm not a big fan of "Ultimate" this or "All-Star" that, but I readily admit that I was 100% wrong about this series. If the mainstream Superman comics were like this, the comic book world would be a happier place.

The Amazing Transformations of Jimmy Olsen TPB -- I'm not going to be purchasing this because of a dollars and cents standpoint, but man, does this look great. Jimmy Olsen has the kind of life we all wish for!

Detective Comics #834 -- Finishing the second part of the Zatana storyline, Dini is pretty much automatic at telling sweet little Batman stories, and this is no exception -- especially given the previous cliffhanger!

Jonah Hex #21 -- I never would have thought this underrated series would last this long. I'm very rarely disappointed when Hex goes riding in.

Outsiders #49 -- The finale of "Checkout" and last issue before Five of a Kind and the reboot/relaunch. This storyline has been old school (for me) fun and the future looks very interesting for the crew of misfits.

Collected Normalman TPB -- Remember what I said about Jimmy Olsen up there? Take that, double it, and you have how I feel about this trade. This may be my tradepaperback purchase for the month of July.

Creature From The Depths -- This sounds very cool, so I will have to see if I can get my grubby mitts on it. I mean, you guys know how I feel about horror anthologies, right?

Interestingly, no Marvels are coming out which interest me this week. Maybe if so much of the product wasn't geared around getting articles in the New York Times it might be more appealing. Or, you know, if they were better written.

So what looks good to YOU?


rob! said...

who or what is Creature from the Depths? a horror anthology?? i must investigate!

Luke said...

Here's a link with some more info about "Creature." I was mistaken, apparently, as it is not an anthology, but a one-shot. Still, more horror is more horror! Woo!