Saturday, July 28, 2007

Everybody's Linking For The Weekend

This is a special, mostly San Diego Comic-Con edition!

SDCC: Marvel is making a bid to take all my money. (The Eternals AND The Knaufs? Come on!)

SDCC: Image Founders have panel, Valentino and Larsen say next to nothing so as not to be associated with MacFarlane, Liefeld.

SDCC: DC makes a bid to take all my money.

SDCC: DC makes another bid to to take all my money.

SDCC: DC once again attempts to take all my money.

Dark Horse gets into the action of making a bid to take all my money.

Furthermore, Dark Horse is also trying to make me get a profile on MySpace.

rob! @ The Aquaman Shrine sez: Oh, I've wasted my life.

And for the final Dark Horse-related piece of news, I think I am going to need to be more like The Poor Little Rich Boy to afford all these comics!


rob! said...

the return of Creepy and Eerie, oh yeah! Dark Horse should fill the last five pages of each issue with ads for DH merchandise...

Luke said...

I was talking with my brother today about the Creepy and Eerie books, and personally, I am hoping for a digest, magazine format. Throw some reprints in there with the new stuff, do it in black and white, and give us 96 or 120 pages for 4 or 5 bucks.

And yeah, The Horse would be very smart to advertise their product in there, since I have a sneaking suspicion that all the Boils and Ghouls out there will buy these books.