Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What Looks Good?

We're back to a normal week (relatively speaking), so the new comic books are out on Wednesday. So check out the Shipping List from Diamond and work your personal conveyance down to your Local Comic Book Shop for some sequential art and text!

Friday the 13th: Pamela's Tale #1 -- Talk about your throwback! This two-issue series relates the history of the original F13 maniac: Jason's mother Pamela! And everybody loves F13!

Justice Society of America #7 -- With "The Lightning Saga" finished, we can get back to the actual JSA storylines now. That is to say: I want the new Steel, dammit! I've been looking forward to this ever since I first saw the cover (OMG LOL BBQ wang *lulz*... idiots... ).

Uncle Sam and The Freedom Fighters TPB -- Hrrm. I might put this on the "wishlist" for next month, since I can't afford it at the moment. I wasn't too impressed with the preview in Brave New World, but I have heard good things.

Devil Dinosaur by Jack Kirby Omnibus -- When you think of Jack Kirby, you probably think about the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, and various bands of bombastic space gods. But don't forget Devil! If I can't afford Uncle Sam I have no idea how I'll afford this!

Annihilation Conquest: Wraith #1 -- Woo! It's Annihilation time again! Marvel is giving me a reason to care about their product!

Nova #4 -- See what I said for Wraith? Repeat it here. I just hope they get their shipping schedules on track for one-prologue-a-week like the original.

New Excalibur #21 -- Just as inpenetrable as Metzler's Justice League of America, but with 75% less first-names-used-in-costume. I don't expect anyone else out there to like this title. Honest.

So what looks good to YOU?

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