Thursday, January 12, 2012

DC Comics Drop 6, Add 6

We take a break from our COIE coverage for breaking news!

DC Comics has announced that 6 of their New 52 comics are ending at issue #8, and 6 new comics will be taking their place.  As I had previously predicted, OMAC, Blackhawks, and Men of War are all ending, but, more surprisingly, Hawk and Dove is also getting cancelled.  All of which stinks, but honestly not all that surprising in the grand scheme of things.

Of the new titles being added, two of them immediately leap out at me.  Earth 2, by James Robinson and Nicola Scott, is set on (you guessed it) Earth 2 and features the Justice Society.  So that obviously has my interest at first blush.  The other one is a complete no-brainer: G.I. Combat, featuring three features: The War That Time Forgot, The Unknown Soldier, and The Haunted Tank!  Okay, yeah, you got my money on that one, DC.  Especially when one looks at the creative teams (WTTF has JT Krul and Ariel Olivetti; TUS has Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti and Dan Panosian; and HT has John Arcudi and Scott Kollins),

There's also a new volume of Batman: Incorporated by Morrison, which may feature the Outsiders (since we were essentially told that at the end of Outsiders), but I am leery of reading Batman by Morrison, as well as an Outsiders book without Geo-Force.  This second point is an assumption on my part; if Morrison is continuing with his previous setup, then Brion wouldn't be present.  Then again, Katana is hanging out with the Birds of Prey and not the Outsiders, so who knows.

Anyway, sad to see four of my favorites end (five if you count the soon-to-be-finished Tiny Titans), but excited about some new stories as well.

What do you think?  Sad to see these books go?  Which of these new ones look good to you?

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