Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What Looks Good?

Temperatures keep doing the yo-yo here in South Carolina: warm one day and chilly the next!  But there's something you can still count on -- well, when there's not a federal holiday, anyway.

Justice Society of America #24 -- The Black Marvels are back and there somewhat more pissed off than before!

Sgt. Rock: The Lost Battalion #4  -- Trapped in the mountains, can Rock help get the Lost Battalion out of harm's way?

Unknown Soldier #5 -- The horrors continue deep in the Ugandan bush for Dr. Lwanga.

The War That Time Forgot #10 -- The gamesmasters stand revealed... so now how do you fight an island full of robot dinosaurs controlled by future-Earth refugees?!

Nova #22 -- Richard Rider had a good run as The Man They Call Nova, but that's done now.  Aww shucks.

War Machine #3 -- The closest thing to a printed video game you can buy, except for all those comic books about video games.

So, what looks GOOD to you?

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