Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Unbridled Capitalism: Super Bowl Saturday!

This past weekend was the Super Bowl, but seeing as Carolina decided not to show up for their playoff game several weeks ago (*razafrazzing Delhomme razafrazza*), to me it was more of an excuse to buy comic books!  Because not only did we have the Borderlands Big Annual Sale -- always filled with plenty of 4 Color Goodness -- but we also were treated to a Super Bowl weekend edition of Greenville Comic Con!  So, I, along with Adama from Dispatches From The Arrowcave and potential Legion of Super-Heroes recruit "Korean Kid" (AKA our non-blogger friend Joe) headed out into the flood to stock up on comics!

Iron Man -- Not much this time out.  I'm starting to hit my price ceiling on some of the earlier ones I still need, while hunting for ones here and there can get tedious if you don't have a dealer with a full run.  Still, I was able to add v.1:no.154 (featuring the Unicorn), as well as Marvel Team-Up #72, featuring Shellhead and Webhead teaming up.

Hawkman -- The Winged Wonder had a few apperances in my haul this time out, as I picked up v.2:no.10, as well as v.4:no.1, 4-6.  I also found Power Of The Atom #4, guest-starring Hawkman and Hawkgirl.  While not directly staring Hawkman, I did also pick up the collection of Countdown to Adventure, which does flesh out some more cosmis stuff which he had to deal with in Rann-Thanagar Holy War.

Flash -- The Scarlet Speedster(s) did much better than those two on this particular day.  Blame it on Flash being substantially more popular I guess!  From the first volume I found #235, 258-259, 272-273, 279-280, 288, 332-333, 38-39, 342-343, 347-348.  I also picked up #33 and #41 from the second series, as well as 100 Page Super Spectacular #22, featuring various Flashes doing things ostensibly at a rapid speed.

Power Man (& Iron Fist) -- Got a few more from this series, which is slowly but surely coming together.  I found #58, 70, 78, and 107, half of which, oddly, guest star El Aquila.  I also got Marvel Team-Up # 75 (featuring our favorite Hero for Hire) and #126 (featuring Cage teaming up with the Son Of Satan of all people!).  

Robocop -- The Marvel licensed comic which has no right to be nearly as good as it is accounted for two more comics, #11 and #19.

Wonder Man -- Coming across a large "vein" of Simon Williams comic books in one long box was enough inspiration to start to collect one of my favorite Avenger's solo title.  I had a few issues already, but these really dig a good job, adding #2-3, 5-6, 13-16, and 18-21 of the eponymous title.  I also got Wondy's first solo feature in Marvel Premiere #55, along with a one-shot Special, and a turn in Marvel Team-Up in #78.  Another Marvel to collect, woo!

Furry Underpants Crowd -- On the Marvel side, I got Kull v.3:no.5 and v.3:no.9.  And over on the DC side, I found Warlord #23, 111, and 121.  Surprisingly, no Arak, Son Of Thunder this time out!

Weird Comics -- A varied bunch, as is appropriate!  That classic Weird War Tales offered up a pair, in the form of #55 and #111 (featuring both the GI Robot AND Creature Commandos!).  Also purchased were Secrets of the Haunted House #11 and #16, Unexpected #168, Where Monsters Dwell #35, Strange Tales #174, and Crypt of Shadows #18.

Random Stuff -- There was a nice variety of random finds which I was more than happy to check out.  A pair of What If? (#15, #45), another Marvel Team-Up (#89, with Nightcrawler), a Marvel Two-In-One (#81, with the Sub-Mariner!), DC Sampler #3, Our Fighting Forces #152 (Jack Kirby's Losers!), Justice League of America Annual #2 (Detroooooooooooooit Justice League!), normalman #4, and #10-11 (bought entirely so I can someday maybe get them signed by Valentino), Fury of Firestorm #20, the DC version of The Phantom #1, and Forever People v.2:no.1.  Whew!

All in all one heck of a haul!  Surely this can keep me satiated until HeroesCon in June?  Right?  Right... ?

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