Friday, February 27, 2009

Weekly Dose Of Weird!

I think I saw this on a Misfit's album once... WEIRD WAR TALES #24
Weird War Tales #24 -- Death can be pretty darn fashionable when he wants to be.

I. "The Invisible Enemy" -- Lieutenant Oberst is a model Nazi -- without remose or conscience, he orders a gypsy and her child to death, and as a result is cursed to die... by tiger! Despite being haunted by tiger-filled nightmares, Oberst continues on with his brutal campaigns, cheating death time and again, until he is forced to guard a subterranean supply depot. Turning on his own men for their cowardice, Oberst guards the depot for years, until he is eventually discovered by miners ten years after the war has ended! But the madness is too far gone for Oberst, as he even sees his saviors as tigers, and runs, ending up tumbling off of a building. His fall directs him onto a statue of tiger, proving once more than irony is one of the fundamental powers of the universe.

II. "The Last Battle" --In the year 2080, the Dictator rules all of Earth with an iron fist. But, he wants to be loved by his subjects, not feared. To this end, he has his generals devise a phony war against Mars, complete with a raid against the Red Planet... one which the Martians, secreted under the surface, do not take kindly to.

Overall Weird Factor: 3.5 (out of 5).

Two fairly standard stories get a boost here by very strong art, done by Ernie Chua up front and Alex Nino in the back. Nino's work especially has a strong psychadelic factor to it which really adds a lot of flair. The cover, with it's bold colors, is very nice as well. It's issues like this which are why I have such affection for this title: even your average, run of the mill installment has surprises and a lot of entertainment value lurking within.

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