Monday, November 17, 2008

What I Read This Week

Justice Society of America Kingdom Come Special: Superman -- Taken from his own world against his will, the Superman of Earth-22 is a stranger in a strangely familiar land, wheew the parallels to his world are all too plain.  But does he have the power to save this world, or will it too slip through his fingers into anarchy and despair like the last two planets he was a resident of?  Alex Ross both writes and handles the art on this one-shot special, which ties into the main In The Name of Gog storyline as well (apparently) as the other two JSA specials coming out this month.  Ross really seems to have a soft spot for this Superman, and I guess that makes sense considering what Kingdom Come has meant for his career.  The script is pretty straightforward albeit with some awkward bits of dialogue here and there.  But generally speaking this is a nice sort of spirtual successor to Kingdom Come, and allows Ross to expand somewhat on Superman's mental state towards the end of that story.  The scenes with Lois Lane alone are almost worth the cost of admission.  If you are reading Justice Society or are a fan of Kingdom Come then this one is wroth picking up.  

glamourpuss #3 -- Finally!  Took a special order but I got it!  And it was worth it, as Sim ratchets up both the historical speculation about the relationship between Alex Raymond and Milt Coniff, as well as their contemporary Rube Goldberg, as well as the biting fashion satire which is dead-on and hilarious.  Skanko's guide to Bikini Clubbing (as a way to get hot guys interested in you after you have given them an STD) is so bizarre as to make a thing of pure beauty.

The Pick Of The Pile is glamourpuss, which makes me think as well as makes me laugh, a rare combination.  The JSA book was good too, but somewhat peripheral (as of right now) to the bigger Gog storyline.

So what did YOU read this week?

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