Thursday, November 20, 2008

DC Sampler #2: Vigilante

Inspired by Frank's posting of the preview pages of the Detroit version of the Justice League of America over on Justice League Detroit, and in honor of the appearance of the new Vigilante this week in Batman and the Outsiders #13, here is the two page preview of the 80s Vigilante series, from the DC Sampler #2

I got this courtesy of, where you can see the rest of it.  I'll get around to posting some of the others I like at some point, including the pages for Grell's The Warlord, and of course the old school Barr (That magnificent bastard) and Aparo Batman and the Outsiders!  


Diabolu Frank said...

I don't feel like the Vigilante ever lived up to the promise of his first appearance, but that Ross Andru is pretty. As I recall, that's the letters page head there at the top.

I'd forgotten about that Tony Z. page when I bought my copy of that Sampler. I'll have to link to it when I get around to exploiting my other Samplers at ...nurgh...

Mister Bones said...

I'm actually looking forward to the new Vigilante series, even though in all of his appearances so far either Batman, or a member of the Bat-family, kicks his ass royally, heh.

I love Rick Leonardi art, and the Wolfman is writing it. Should be a solid book.