Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Unbridled Capitalism: Greenville Comic Con

Celebrating Halloween weekend, this past Saturday a couple of friends (including Adama from Dispatches To The Arrowcave) and I heaed to the ultra-posh (yeah right) Super Lodge in Mauldin for the Greenville Comic Con!  It was... well, a little small.  But when admission is a buck you expect that.  Still, for a small con in a small hotel, they had plenty of good deals to be found, especially in the very prevalent 50-cent bins.  So how much damage did I do?  Let's find out!

Iron Man -- As I get closer to finishing up my collection, I end up finding less and less of what I need at the shows, because mostly I need books which are going to be pricier.  Anyway, I did manage to add two more issues -- #102 (Sweet!  Dreadknight!) and 114 -- to the collection.  This leaves me with 35 remaining comics to track down!  I also picked up What If? #8, which looks at if Iron Man had lost the Armor Wars, and Soviet Super Soldiers #1, which features IM baddies such as the Crimson Dynamo and Titanium Man.

Hawkman -- As I detailed over at Being Carter Hall, there was some Winged Wonder stuff to be found, including Hawkman v.2:no.1, the 1986 Hawkman Special, Action Comics #588 (featuring a crossover with Superman), Secret Origins #11 (with the origin of the Golden Age Hawkman), Showcase #101 (featuring the Hawks and Adam Strange), and the Rann-Thanagar War TPB.

Power Man and Iron Fist -- Sadly, just one issue this time out, #61.

Batman And The Outsiders -- This seems to be a title that when I find it I tend to find it in bunches.  I was able to find a good run of the original series and finish my collection, snagging #20, 22-27, 30 and 32.  Now I just need to (somehow) make more headway in the 90s series!

Arak, Son Of Thunder -- See what I said about finding Outsiders in bunches?  Same with this series.  For 50 cents apiece I found #4, 6, 8-9, 11, 13-14, 16, 19, 26, 29-30, 32, and 34-35.  I'm very close to completing what is, believe it or not, DC's second most successful S&S series.

Flash -- A pair of Barry Allen issues (#238 and 293) coupled with a few of Wally West: #7, 9, 51, and Annual 2.

Weird War Tales -- Another single issue, #112, featuring the Creature Commandos!

"Weird" Comics -- Some interesting stuff here, including a pair of issues of House of Mystery (#213, 216), and DC Comics Presents #53, which teams Superman up with the House of Mystery itself!

Random Stuff -- I did manage to find a few odds and ends.  First up is Mystery, Incorporated, AKA 1963 #1, the Silver Age homage by Alan Moore.  I had this whole series once but ended up having to sell it, so should be fun to read it again.  Next was Secret Origins #21, which pairs up Jonah Hex and Black Condor of all people.  I also picked up Claw The Unconquered #12, the final issue of the barbarian's first series, and Action Comics #592, which features the infamous story of Big Barda and Superman making a porno!  Finally, I also managed to find Justice League of America #260... that's right, where Steel gets blow'd up.

All in all it was a very worthwhile trip.  Lots of Outsiders and Arak, and some new Hawkman stuff is always welcome.  Sometimes the small cons are a waste, but this was a great way to spend a morning with friends and comics.

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Dude, email me the Iron Man comics you're missing, if I got any of them, they're yours.

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