Monday, November 10, 2008

Everybody's Linking For The Weekend (Late)

Sorry this are late... you know how it goes when you have a weekend sometimes.

Rick gets us started as usual with this nifty Guardians Of The Galaxy letterhead.

I remember this Storm miniseries that G Kendall is blogging about, and even back then I wasn't sure why it existed.  Now it is even less clear.

Lilbones shows us horror straight from the Treehouse.

Scipio presents: The Vixen Effect, an effect which neither Luke Cage nor Black Lightning are effected by.

rob! shows off this very cool painting of Aquaman from the Vs card game.

james gets into the act with a look at the legendary Elf from the Defenders.

And finally, Frank shows us what the Justice League endorses as far as candy, apparently.

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