Friday, November 14, 2008

Weekly Dose Of Weird!

Weird Terror #10 -- As a general rule, if your font is bleeding, your comic book will get my vote.

I.  "The Man-Ape" -- A scientist kills his assistant, passing it off as an accident, and successfully puts his brain to the body of a gorilla.  The gorilla-man doesn't take kindly to this, killing the scientist, kidnapping the lovely (natch) female assistant, and heading off into the jungle.  The third assistant (!) hooks up with a local native boy and heads into the jungle, where the man-ape has shot and killed the alpha male of the local gorilla troop and assumed command.  The assistant shocks the other gorillas with dynamite, then shoots the man-ape dead, taking the secret of ape-human brain transplants to the grave.

II. "Nothing But The Best" -- (Text Story) Mr. Klipp, discovering he can read minds, soon becomes a local tyrant and real estate tycoon.  But one should never put too much faith in one's perceptions, as Klipp is shot dead by a young man, fighting to keep his mother's house from being foreclosed, who "thought" he had taken all the bullets out.

III. "couple of fishes" -- (Text Story) Two random drunks in a random bar both turn out to be spies sent from an undersea kingdom, but they decide they like the surface world better and head out to inform the President of the pending invasion.

IV. "The Deep River" -- Abel picks up his cousin Ansul from the hospital, where he is practically an invalid.  Abel nurses his cousin back to health, reminding him of the well they dug on the farm which lead to a deep underground river, and how Abel's wife Addie had to carry the water all the way back to the house.  Abel then reminds his cousin of how he found him and his wife kissing, so he whacked him on the head with a shovel and murdered and dumped her in the river -- now, Abel intends to finish the job.  Only Ansul gets the upper hand and kills his cousin first, dumping Abel's body in the river.  As Ansul confesses, and the police muse that the bodies will never be found, Ansul himself falls into the river, to join the others.

V. "Death Kiss" -- The quirky Dr. Skeeter is unlucky in love, so he builds a fem-bot with a kiss that can kill!  Sending her out to the taverns where he was humiliated, Rita chokes the life out of all of her paramours, but she only wants her "love daddy."  Dr. Skeeter clanks her over the head and thinks he has done her in, but Rita still wants some "alone time" with the doctor, giving him the kiss of a lifetime, so to speak.

VI. "Witch Girl" -- Four sisters (sensible Mary, vain Pearl, curvaceous Ruby, and clearly evil Elvira) inherit an old house and are met by young, good looking attorney John Bell, who is going to stay overnight in the house with them.  As each sister eyes the young hunk, Elvira finds a hidden room which was the haven of a witch.  Using the spellbook she finds, Elvira turns Pearl's prized face into that of an old hag, causing her to leap to her death.  Next, Elvira sends a legion of pests after Ruby, eating her alive.  Only when Elvira casts a spell on Mary, giving her a terrible headache, does John make the connection.  The interlopers bursting into the witch's den, Elvira commands the flames to kill them, but she doesn't pick her words quite right and is consumed by her own spell.

Overall Weird Factor:  4 (out of 5).

It was a surprise to see not only Ross Andru  but also Don Heck working on this thoroughly strange comic.  Heck's work is typical Heck, while Andru's looks quite nice on feature number four, with lots of strange color choices accentuating the flashback-laden story.  This is one weird comic that runs the gamut, with a man-ape, a killer robot, a murder mystery, withcraft, and drunks all in one issue.  Add to that is one  of the ads, a weight loss pill advertisement which shouts "FAT FOLKS!" in big red letters at the top!  Weird Terror ran for 13 issues (appropriately enough) between 1952 and 1954 before it slipped off it's mortal coil.  

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