Friday, June 20, 2008

Weekly Dose Of Weird!

Yeah, she looked behind her, but who goes grave robbing in a miniskirt?  HOUSE OF MYSTERY #190
House Of Mystery #190 -- Finally, this chick understands the importance of looking behind her.

I. "Fright!" -- Gerald Rogers, an American studying in Germany, finds he has to join a fencing fraternity to win the heart of the beautiful fraulien Helga. As part of his initiation, he has to spend the night in a "haunted" house. Brushing off their theatrical tricks, he emerges the next morning confident of his success -- until he learns that he stayed in the wrong house, and the devils and ghosts he saw were the real thing. Naturally, he goes insane, rotting away in a cell, never to be visited by Helga. Typical.

II/III. "Cain's Game Room," "Cain's Gargoyles" -- Silly shorts, including a three-legged man buying shoes, and a perplexed mailman told to beware the shapeless "thing" in the yard.

IV. "A Witch Must Die!" -- (2 Chapters) In Salem, Mass, Esau is lovestruck with the young beauty Ruth... only she's married to Jacob, and he to Jennifer. Jennifer is understandably upset by this, and plots to have Ruth branded a witch and executed. Jacob arranges an escape for Ruth and their daughter Hester, fleeing to the woods. There they run into an Indian chief, who demands they leave, threatening to use his powers against them. When Jacob refuses, the Indian brings a tree crashing down on the family, only for Ruth to use her witchdraft to divert it's path and kill the chief.

V. "Cain's Mail Room" -- The Caretaker of the House answers readers letters.

Overall Weird Factor: 2.5 (out of 5)

Pretty average issus of House of Mystery, all told. The first feature has some really neat Alex Toth art, which really gives all the spooks an unearthly quality. The second feature is too predictable, though, and the art is stiff and a real let down after the first one.

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