Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The heck... ?

Chuck Dixon no longer working for DC Comics "in any capacity."

This news, coupled with Frank Tieri writing two upcoming issues of Batman And The Outsiders (specifically, the tie-in to "Batman: RIP") suggests that a sea change is coming for the Outsiders.  Which stinks, as I have really enjoyed Dixon's work on the title and was looking forward to a nice long run on it.  But this begs speculation: Who is going to take over?  I wouldn't mind Tieri at all, as I have liked his work dating back to his time on Iron Man.  And I suppose Tony Bedard could come back on, as he was originally supposed to handle the writing chores.  But I wonder if DC realizes that it is staring a perfect opportunity right in the face at this very moment.  There is an opportunity to do great things, amazing things, and I am willing to bet it would only take one phone call.

That's right, DC.  Get Mike W. Barr, that magnificent bastard,  to write the Outsiders again.  Now is the time for the Man to return!

(This message brought to you by the Internet's only Outsiders fan.)


Mister Bones said...

Um, well that's not good news at all! :-(

Luke said...

I agree; but as I said, hopefully the new series writer will be as good as Dixon. Speaking of which, I did get the Robin/Spoiler Special today... good timing, huh?

Mister Bones said...

I just hope the series does continue. Creative changes on low sellers usually spells DOOM.

Let me know what you think of Robin/Spoiler. Since reading it, I really want Albuquerque to draw more Robin.

Adama said...

@ bones: Silly bones, cities can't draw comics!

@Luke: I heard about this over on the CGS message boards. WTF, DC? I wonder if there was some huge scandal inducing shouting match.