Monday, July 12, 2010

What I Read This Week

Brightest Day #5 -- Aquaman and Mera are ambushed while trying to fix a leaking oil rig, Hank Hall demands that Boston Brand resurrect his brother, and the Hawks find themselves under siege in the bizarre "Hawkworld!"  Another strong issue of the DC maxi-series, with some strange new twists for the Hawks and a whole lot of Aqua action for your money.  Great cliffhanger, too!

Doom Patrol #12 -- It's the Doom Patrol versus the Front Men, live, coast to coast!  Improved over last issue, Giffen has some interesting things to say through "Thayer Jost's" "mission statement" about superhero oversight.  This book is consistantly off-beat and quirky, and needs to continue in that direction.  Also: not too much Ambush Bug.

Iron Man: Legacy #4 -- In Transia, everything is coming off the rails thanks to Iron Man destroying a Chinese pipeline last issue, so the Chicoms send in their problem solver -- Radioactive Man!  But that's not all, as the Russians send in their own operatives -- Crimson Dynamo and the Titanium Man!  Oh it's on now!  As a Titanium Man fan, I am pretty sure this is the third T-Man, who first appeared in the "Silent Issue" of Volume 3, even though his armor is straight up Bullski.  Great issue all around... this is what I want out of an Iron Man title.

The Phantom: Generations #13 -- On the mighty Mississippi, the Phantom and his bride tangle with card sharks and pirates, with the help of a certain knife-wielding ally.  The final issue of Generations (although there is a Special coming, apparently) goes out on a good note, with a solid story and decent art.  This was a fun series which I am sad to see go.  Hopefully Moonstone can continue to put out Phantom prose in the future, like they do with the Green Hornet, but we shall see.

Re-read Pile: Brightest Day, Iron Man: Legacy.

The Pick Of The Pile is Iron Man: Legacy, which not only featured the Titantic Three but also set up what should be an awesome finale.