Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Unbridled Capitalism: Mr. K's

Here in the Upstate, we got a new used book store last year, Mr. K's.  I really like them for their extremely large selection of genre books, including very well-stocked sections of Fantasy, Science-Fiction, and Westerns.  But they also carry comics!  Or, as they are often referred to in such circles "graphic novels."  Well I had business next door to Mr. K's yesterday so of course I had to stop in and use my July coupon!

The Flash: Blood Will Run -- I have been in need of his collection -- which has some very early Geoff Johns Flash work -- for a long time, but could never find it on sale, let alone cheap.  Someone must have cleaned out their Johns Flash collection, because the entire run was there, including Blood Will Run.  Picked it up for a cool $7.50, and you can't beat that!

The Phantom Sunday Special Edition v.1 -- Pioneer Press released three such volumes of black and white Phantom Sunday strips in the late 80s.  I had never seen it before, but with the Ghost-Who-Walks on the cover it was hard to miss!  Unfortunately, all three volumes are out of print so it is going to be hard to find the next two installments, but now I have something else to hunt for!  This guy was $5 (mostly, I imagine, due to a water stain on the back cover, but the comics inside are just fine), so I snatched it up!

Left for next time: Superman: World of Krypton, Superman: Man Of Steel v.1, various Batman/Superman volumes, Star Wars: Dark Force Rising tpb (oh the irony!), several Rucka-era Wonder Woman tpbs (for my wife).

All in all a productive trip!

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