Monday, July 26, 2010

What I Read This Week

Brightest Day #6 -- Martian Manhunter is having a roungh few days: first it looks like he is killing all life around him, and he he is having trouble tracking down the "other" Martian.  Plus, Mera reveals a secret she has kept for years, Jason and Ronnie have problems working together, and Hawk, Dove, and Boston Brand examine the powers of the White Ring.  This was a solid issue, with some nice Aquaman/Mera stuff, but the nastiness of the Martian Manhunter story bugged me.  I'd much rather see more of J'Onn's detective work than the blood and guts of the thing he is hunting.  Still, good book.

Tiny Titans #30 -- It's the all big curly hair issue!  That's pretty much all you need to know.  This issue also features Kid Flash and Peek-A-Boo, deep in like!

ShadowHawk #3 -- Who is Atrocity and what is his motivation for his brutal attacks?  And how is he surviving them?  And whats the deal with the Chalk Outline Killer?  Another strong issue, which is differentiating itself from the original series by having Hawk work (somewhat) with the police instead of being on his own.  There's a funny take on the classic Batman-Gordon scene, for instance.  I totally dig the cover, which is an homage to the original ShadowHawk #3 (which, back in 1992, was actually glow-in-the-dark!).  Also some nice callbacks to that era in the story, as Hawk reminisces about Arson.  I am liking this series but I am prone; non-fans need not bother, I think.

Charmed #1 -- 18 months after "happily ever after," new forces are begining to brew to bring the Halliwell Sisters back into the battle between Good and Evil.  My wife loves this show, so I have actually watched the entire series.  It grows on you, and comics are pretty much a perfect medium for it to continue.  My major complaint: of the three Charmed Ones, the one which looks the least like her actress is Paige, and let's just say Rose McGowan is a favorite of mine.  Otherwise a good launch, and I could see this sort of thing as going down on the show.

Futurama Comics #50 -- When Mom goes on vacation, her sons are in trouble trying to run the company -- so they recruit Leela to help them out!  The 50th anniversary issue is a normal issue, but with some extras: a wrap-around cover and a trippy black light poster.  It's a lot of fun to read, with gags-a-plenty.  I've been watching the DVD movies lately so this hit the spot.  

Re-Read Pile: Brightest Day, ShadowHawk, Charmed.

The Pick Of The Pile is Futurama Comics.  It was a lot of fun to read and the book consistantly makes me laugh.


Diabolu Frank said...

Charmed is definitely not the worst thing a body could watch, but I won't get excited until Zenescope gets around to Gilmore Girls. ;)

Luke said...

I watched my first episode of Gilmore Girls this weekend... people actually liked this show? Like, enough for it to be on multiple seasons? The whole thing was a complete trainwreck! Yeeech!