Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Unbridled Capitalism: Beyond The Black Hole

One of my favorite science fiction films is Disney's 1979 opus The Black Hole.  And befitting of a major motion picture release from that time frame, there's a lot of tie-in merchandise which is out there.  And now, some more of it is mine!

I picked up on eBay a very nice set of Whitman's The Black Hole #1-3, for a cool four bucks post-paid.  The first two issues of the series adapt the movie, and then the third issue (as well as the fourth) continue the adventures of the survivors in a new galaxy formed beyond the black hole.  Having never seen this at a show, and being too young to look for them when they were originally published (honestly, given the coverdates of March - July 1980, I was most likely not even alive when these first came out), these are a great find.  Definitely looking forward to reading this bad boys.

Issue #4 is very difficult to find, but now I am on the hunt!

(On a side note, my father recently was going through all of my brother and I's old Disney Book & Record sets.  Guess which one he pulled out for me?  That's right: The Black Hole.  I don't have a turntable, unfortunately, BUT someone was kind enough to make a recording of the disk and put it on Youtube, so I'll grab that and make a CD thankyewverymuch!)

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