Thursday, July 8, 2010

What Looks Good

The extra day passed, our time for reflection over, now it is time for comics!

Brightest Day #5 -- The Hawks investigate the mysterious "Hawkworld," there's an aquatic army in the Bermuda Triangle, and Hawk, Dove, and Deadman are at the grave of Don Hall... Yikes!

Doom Patrol #12 -- The Doom Patrol versus the Front Men!

Jonah Hex #57 -- Co-starring a gaggle of DC Western characters?  How can you go wrong?

Essential Classic X-Men v.1 (new printing) -- My favorite era of the X-Men.  No lie!  

Iron Man: Legacy #4 -- Last issue Shellhead threw down with my boy Dreadknight.  Dreadknight!  

So, what looks good to YOU?

1 comment:

Doug said...

My lovely wife, being a teacher, is off and hopefully picking up my books today.

I'm in for Brightest Day and the thinly-veiled Brightest Day Teh Atom Special. Will the Special truly be a Brightest Day tie-in, or is it as thin a connection as it appears? Dunno. Don't care. I'm buying it anyway. Mahmud Asrar was meant to draw the Atom.

Also down for Jonah Hex, Thor the Mighty Avenger, Amazing Spider-Man (could Kraven look more like Freddie Mercury on that cover?) and Hawkeye & Mockingbird) which surprised me by how flat-out enjoyable it was.