Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What Looks Good?

Well, the holidays are behind us for another year, which means its time for me to catch up on my Four Color purchases.  Sounds good to me.

Kull #3 -- Kull faces suspicion from his own people, but what of his ancient tribal enemies the Picts?  I have enjoyed the first two issues of this title and hope we see more than just this miniseries for the Exile from Atlantis.

Black Lightning: Year One #1 -- It's about time!  Jefferson Pierce survived the streets of Suicide Slum, but will The 100 survive the rage of Black Lightning?!

Haunted Tank #2 -- JEB Stuart finds himself in a very strange new battlefield.  I liked the first issue of this updated take on the classic property.

House of Mystery #9 -- Just what the heck is going on in the basement?!  I'm really curious!

Sgt Rock: The Lost Battalion #3 -- The cliffhanger from the last issue -- with the battalion surrounded on all sides by the Nazi's mountain troops -- is more than enough to get me excited for this comic.

Invincible Iron Man #9 -- Tony Stark has gone from the top of the world to the bottom, and now he's got a psychopath by the name of Norman Osborn on his tail.  Eventually I hope to get back to more traditional Shellhead fare, but the setup for this plot was pretty good.


Stuff I Probably Won't Get But Looks Neat:  
Justice League of America Geo-Force Action Figure -- Because, cmon, it's a Geo-Force action figure!  Geo-Force!  I kinda wish it was in his green and gold costume, but this is the classic (and now, modern) look.

Showcase Presents: Strange Adventures v.1 -- Mostly as something to mine for the weekly dose.  I am not familiar with any of the stories collected herein by my reckoning.

Outer Space Men OGN -- Check out the website here.  The Outer Space Men were an odd toyline from the 60s, which captivated my young brain when I discovered them some 18 years ago or so.  Just to see what the heck kind of story gets spun out of all these great toy designs sounds cool to me.

So what looks good to YOU?

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