Monday, January 26, 2009

What I Read This Week

Black Lightning Year One #2 -- Principal Jefferson Pierce has work to do, but he takes some time out to talk to Clark Kent, reporter for the Daily Planet about his progress.  Meanwhile, Tobias Whale and The 100 react to the new "Lightning Vigilante" who seems intent on eliminating their presence on the streets of Suicide Slum!  Hamner and Van Meter do a good job of capturing the strength of our hero as well as the grit and grime which he has to move through at this early stage of his career.  I think it helps to be a Black Lightning fan (as well as being familiar with the original issues) to really like this series, but that's what I am.

Tiny Titans #12 -- Get ready!  The Tiny Titans world will never be the same!  Because when Darkseid takes over as temporary principal, he decalres that everyone will take their final exams today... that's right, it's a FINALS CRISIS!  Also, tremble before the clash of The Hall Monitor and Tthe Anti-Hall Monitor!  DC readers who don't normally read this great AA title should definitely read this one!

Guardians Of The Galaxy #9 -- It's Assualt on Precinct 13, if Precinct 13 was in the Negative Zone and filled with super-powered freaks, and it was under assault by Blastaar's forces of Negativze Zone weirdos.  Plus, naked Star-Lord.  DnA have really hit their stride with this title and they do a great job of juggling the ensamble cast, even with them as split up as they are right now.  Fun title month in and month out.

War Machine #2 -- Rhodey is on a mission, and it's going to take more than an army of mercenaries and cutting edge military armor to stop him!  The story and the art are both over the top, but in a sense I really like that -- War Machine is such a 90s character, that him being over the top is almost a given.  Rhodey's new ability to acquire and utilize his enemies' weapons give the title a sort of arcade game feel, also appropriate.  Manco's art is a sort of photorealistic style, but the action is so unrealistic that it makes for a nice contrast.  I was disappointed that the fourth volume of Iron Man had to end, but so far I am pumped up about War Machine.

X-Men: Kingbreaker #2 -- Let the space opera continue!  Shi'ar Emperor Vulcan let loose a band of dangerously unstable criminals to hunt down Lilandra, Marvel Girl, and Korvus, while Havok makes his move to bust the Starjammers out of captivity and take his brother down for good.  Maybe I am just prone to liking cosmic stories, or stories with Havok and Polaris in them, but I enjoyed this issue much like I enjoyed the first.  The War of Kings stuff is building nicely and I am very interested in seeing what role the Starjammers will play in it.

The Pick Of The Pile is Tiny Titans.  I'm sorry, but a Finals Crisis?!  You have to get up pretty early in the morning to beat that.

So what did YOU read this week?

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