Tuesday, January 20, 2009

DC Sampler #2: The Warlord

In honor of Mike Grell's new Warlord series being solicited in the April 2009 soliciations, check out this very sweet spread from the 1984 DC Sampler #2, featuring none other than The Warlord!  Warlord really was a "far out" read, with all sorts of seemingly conflicting elements working well together in the little (lost) world which Grell created.  Hopefully this new incarnation will last longer than the last abortive attempt at a revival.  DC has impressed me over the last few years with some of it's non-superhero stuff, and any proliferation of that is a good thing in my opinion.  (A new Arak, Son Of Thunder, anyone?)

I got this image from the same place I get all my images from the DC Sampler #2, The Nostalgia Zine.


Tony Z™ said...


Sometimes I actually forget that I have that website!! I just came here to read the post on Warlord. Imagine my surprise!!

Someday I guess I should think about updating it. LOL!

I am so stoked about the new Warlord, especially since the last one reached all new levels of suck.

I can't wait!!

Warlord! Warlord! Warlord!!

Luke said...

We need to make a little song out of it. War-loooooooord! War-loooooord! Waaaaarloooooooooord!