Friday, January 23, 2009

Weekly Dose Of Weird!

Twilight Zone #1 -- Women.  Just goes to show that they're all evil, I tells ya, evil!*  Meanwhile, Rod Serling looks on.

I. "Frozen Worlds of Space" -- Learn something about Jupiter and Saturn.  Well, conjecture, anyway.

II. "Perilous Journey" -- Skiers Larry and Ron make their way across the tundra when Larry falls into a pit.  He finds himself in a strange world, where a little girl saves him from snowball wielding punks and a polar bear.  In the girl's house of ice, her reflection is that of a beautiful woman, and like magic, suddenly she truly is.  Wanting to take her away from the place, Larry smashes the mirror, which causes her to age rapidly, as well cause a cave-in.  Trapped in the ice and snow, Larry is found by Ron, and the two make their way back to the spaceship for their trip back to Earth from... The Twilight Zone!

III. "Do Not Touch Exhibit" -- Chump changer criminal Mike is on the run from the law when he ducks into a museum to hide out.  Ducking behind an exhibit, he soon finds himself in Montana... in the 1800s!  Things, of course get worse, as Mike discovers that he's now going to be a part of history in the making at Little Big Horn... and The Twilight Zone!

IV. "Wings of Death" -- (Text Story) Two scientists run afoul (oy) of a vampire owl.

V. "Voyage To Nowhere" -- Buddies Dan and Roy are on a fishing trip when they spot a small sailboat piloted by a woman dressed in turn of the century garb.  The two men watch helplessly as the sailboat is dashed against the rocks.  Back on shore, they discover that the girl, Carlotta, is a ghost, who died 50 years prior in that very manner.  Roy becomes obsessed, and goes back to find her again.  Even as Dan pleads for him not to, Roy gets on the sailboat with Carlotta and is promptly wrecked on the rocks.  The police question Dan about Roy's disappearance, but the charges are dropped when they see Carlotta and Roy sailing together for all eternity... in The Twilight Zone!

VI. "Custer's Last Stand" -- A little history to go with your science.

Overall Weird Factor -- 1 (out of 5).

Nothing too outlandish in this particular specimin, although the weird "hidden world inside an alien world" thing in the second feature was a little strange.  These stories are sparse, sticking to a 5- or 6-panel layout pretty much the whole way through.  Rod Serling pops up tp introduce features #2 and 5, which is nice.  Not bad for the era in which it was produced (1962), and it is all original material, which is a change of pace from some of the stuff I have featured here.  Quaint little mystery comic book all told.

*Women are not evil.  Please disregard that statement.

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