Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What Looks Good?

Trying to deal with the opressive summer heat?  Your local comic book shop typically has air conditioning, as well as other activities to take your mind off the weather.

Joker's Asylum: Two-Face #1 -- Continuing the trend of Dent-heavy Batmaterials I am interested in as of late.

Justice Society Of America Annual #1 -- Power Girl takes a trip to Earth-2.  The new Earth-2.  This is either going to be really cool, or involve a lot of trips to Wikipedia.

Nova v.2: Knowhere -- This is what I get for not buying this title right off the bat.  I only have myself to blame.

Caliber #4 -- Soon to be a major motion picture, evidently.  

Journey v.1 -- I was introduced to this series in the pages of The Complete normalman, and I knew I had to track it down.  Sometimes things work out for the best.

Project Supowerpowers #5 -- As more and more heroes are released from their prison, how will the world respond to these time-displaced mystery men?

Yikes, big bill this week from the two trade paperbacks...

So, what looks good to YOU?

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