Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Third Dimension: Tales of Suspense

Comics are not out until tomorrow, thanks to the holiday last week, so here is some three-dimensional goodies to tide us all over. Check out my Iron Man movie toy swag!

Who's a cool exec with a heart of steel? Why, it's the Golden Avenger himself, Iron Man, of course!
As Iron Man, all jets ablaze / He fights and smites with repulsor rays!
Who would challenge the mechanical might of our hero? From deep behind the Iron Curtain, a rival emerges! Straight from Siberia, it's that roughouse Russian Boris Bullski, AKA: Titanium Man!
Mere words cannot match... the AWESOME POWER of TITANIUM MAN!
Both of these toys are quite nifty. The Iron Man Mk.III armor design from the movie is excellent, and translates well to action figure scale. The Titanium Man armor, which is seen in the video game adaptions, is a cool take on the classic green duds that Boris rocks in the 4 Color world. I like the gunmetalish grey with the green trim, which makes the armor a little less colorful for this movie-esque application, but still pretty easily reconizable as T-Man. There's no mistaking him for Crimson Dynamo, or Force, for example. Very happy with both of these purchases!

SHOWDOWN ON THE COFFEE TABLE! Who will survive this titanic struggle?!
If I Must Die... Let It Be With Honor!

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