Friday, July 11, 2008

Weekly Dose Of Weird!

I mean, did they NOT see him when they were on the other side of the hill?  WEIRD WAR TALES #28

Weird War Tales #28 -- Just how big is that hill that the giant is hiding behind?!  That doesn't make any sense at all!.

I. "Isle Of Forgotten Warriors" -- (3 Chapters) In the Pacific, American and Japanese forces are constantly trading back and forth a tiny island which seems to be cursed -- whoever controls the island slowy begins to disappear, weapons and all!  The cruel Colonel Deermount leads the "Black Cat Brigade," keeping his good luck charm black cat in line with an electrified collar, the remote control in his swagger stick.  Under his leadership, the Americans take the island, only to discover the secret of the curse -- the "friendly" natives have a method of shrinking men and machines to bug-eye size!  Trapped on a tiny "island" of land, Deermount leads the other shrunken Americans in a raid against the tiny Japanese, and puts down any insubordination with a machine gun.  Trying to use a tunnel dug by the others to escape, Deermount then uses a grenade to attack a queen ant to escape the colony's wrath.  Finding daylight again, Deermount is found by his cat, who is more than happy to use the Colonel as a playtoy before knocking him into the native's tiny electrified fence, powered with flashlight batteries.  

Overall Weird Factor: 2 (out of 5)

No sooner do I say that Weird War Tales didn't have a lot of feature-length tales than I read two of them in a row.  To be fair, this one is a reprint from Adventure Comics.  The final twist is pretty obvious from the start, hurting the overall rating.  Also interesting is that Death narrates the story like a GhouLunatic, but this is more a function of the reprint than anything else.

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