Friday, July 25, 2008

Weekly Dose Of Weird!

Weird War Tales #29 -- Talk about your Ghost Riders!  At least these guys don't have their heads on fire.

I. "Breaking Point" -- In the summer of '44, a Nazi Major skilled in torture becomes a victim of his own techniques after a failed coup attempt.  Driven to his wits' end, he begs Satan for assistance, and then finds himself miraculously escaping his captors.  His freedom is short-lived, though, and was all a ruse set up by his former subordinate to drive him to his titular breaking point.

II. "The Hunted" -- Lawrence of Arabia (no, really) accidentaly kills a young Arab and his lover when they surprise him, and the girl damns him to be cursed by Anubis.  Lawrence is later captured and tortured by the Turks, then released to demoralize his troops.  Meeting up with a young jackal he befriended earlier, Lawrence is lead to a Turkish ammunitions depot, which he destroys, as it seems that Anubis has the ability for both punishment and forgiveness.

III. "The Phantom Bowmen of Crecy" -- Five hundred years before WWI, English archers effectively turned the tide against overwhelming numbers of French knights outside the village of Crecy.  The Doughboys are understandably surprised when they receive some sprectral help from those same archers (now ten feet tall, inexplicably) against the Germans on the same hill.

Overall Weird Factor: 1.5 (out of 5).

Not a very weird installment, as the first and second features deal more with psychology, fate, and luck moreso than anything decidedly supernatural.  Still, a better read than the last issue if only because it's all new material.

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