Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What Looks Good?

This Monday was President's Day here in the United States. Which means that the post office and banks were closed, and your comics may or may not be delayed, so be sure to call your Friendly Neighborhood comics retailer and find out.

(While I am at it, let me say that President's Day gets no respect, and that bugs me.)

Batman And The Outsiders #4 -- We got Geo-Force back last issue, and this one promises Green Arrow. Green Arrow? Green Arrow.

Flash #237 -- I started reading Showcase Presents: The Flash last week, and thus, I really hope this comic is good.

Avengers Classic #9 -- Featuring the first appearance of Wonder Man! Wooo!

Iron Man #26 -- We got an announcement just recently about the second ongoing Shellhead title, but this one is pretty rockin' in and of itself.

Iron Man: The Many Armors of Iron Man TPB -- I probably won't pick this up, since I own all but one issue contained in it, but man, I am glad Marvel is re-releasing this impossible to find collections.

Also, there was a listing at one point for an "TARGET IRON MAN HEART OF STEEL," which is now nowhere to be found. I figured it was a reprint of the first digest of Marvel Adventures: Iron Man, but I have not been able to find any information on it. I guess I could always go to Target and see if I can find anything!

So what looks good to YOU?


Adama said...

On an entirely unrelated note, I picked up the Cinematic Titanic dvd. I'll let you know how it is.

On a related note: We should totally go to Mega-Con. Tiny Titans is awesome!

Luke said...

Cinematic Titanic! Dude awesome!

I don't think Megacon is going to be possible, but Tiny Titans is indeed awesome!