Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What Looks Good?

Like clockwork, every week, thanks to hardworking comic book shop retailers across the nation, new comic books appear on shelves and in pull-boxes every week -- just like magic! Do your part, and keep chasing that rainbow!

Justice Society of America #12 -- Wherein I hope to finally see the confrontation we have all been waiting for -- Citizen Steel and Kingdom Come Superman! Also: The new Judomaster makes me squeal like a tween girl going to see Hannah Montana in concert.

Annihilation Conquest #4 -- Being as this is about the only Marvel "event" I am reading, and seeing as it has rocked hard so far, this selection should be obvious.

Essential Avengers v.6 -- Between this and Showcase Presents: Aquaman v.2, I'm starting to get really backed up with these things!

Halloween: Nightdance #1 -- You guys know I am a big horror fan. And Halloween? Yeah, one of the best American horror film ever made, and the impetus for the birth of "modern" horror. So, this series will have some big shoes to fill.

The Phantom #21 -- The solicitation promises that this is the start of the biggest story Moonstone has ever published about the Ghost-Who-Walks. Considering how awesome this title is, that's really saying something.

Transformers: Beast Wars Sourcebook #4 -- Must get Sourcebook need Sky Shadow profile Sky shadow Sky Shadow SKY SHADOW!

So what looks good to YOU?


Damian said...

Eh, I've had quite more than my fill of Michael Myers. For the rest of my life. Particularly with that thing Rob Zombie vomited.

I'd rather see a Black Christmas Night Dance anyway.

Adama said...

Well, just read Annihilation Conquest 4 (lunch breaks a re a beatiful thing). All I have to say is "Damn you High Evolutionary! Damn you!"

rob! said...

Teen Titans Year One has been fun so far!

Luke said...

I ended up passing on Nightdance. Partly because I didn't want another mini, and partly because it looked pretty average, all told. Oh well!