Friday, February 8, 2008

Everybody's Linking For The Weekend

G. Kendall shows us the horror of when the X-Men invaded Pizza Hut.

HEMBECK! meets Hawkman?

rob! shows off Michael Netzer's Triple Threat Sketch. If only, my friends. If only.

I am so glad that the Falcon changed his costume.

How do you like your Martian Manhunter? Do you like him as a detective, or being all mysterious, or having adventure? Don't worry, J'Onn knows how to roll.

I never knew that Klingons liked fast food.

The Atom vs Ant-Man? Right here, right now!

And you guys all saw the new Iron Man spot during the Super Bowl, right?

And now, I am heading down to Adama's place for the Atlanta Comic Expo. Ciao!

1 comment:

Damian said...

Hembeck has had another meeting with Hawkman.

I hope you'll inform us of how that GA expo went for yourself.